In Vino Veritas

I am super excited for a two day event that is focused on wine, wine knowledge and winery. I will get the chance to attention a couple of lectures and learn new things about wine sorts. Will definitely share the knowledge after the event, because it is something that I do believe is important to know.
Here is a little sneak peak for my excitement

Here is the link for the event for everyone who is in Sofia this weekend: http://taste.divino.bg/bg/sybitie


H&M Opening: Good Times!

I got my invitation a couple of days before the big day! Pretty exciting!!!

The store itself was pretty amazing! I really wanted to see if it is going to be as impressive as the other locations of H&M around the world, and to be honest was a little doubtful. I have shared before my disappointments with stores in Bulgaria, and how expensive and crappy they are. H&M was amazing though! The set up was great, the space is fabulous and the feel of the whole store is just like in London or DC! Definitely a must-do as a shopping experience! Plus the clothes are great quality for the price!

Officially in Love!

This week I got invited to the VIP shopping event of the season! The pre-opening party of the first  H&M Store in Sofia, Bulgaria at The Mall. The shopping experience was incredible! (partly because of the champagne, partly because of the great clothes, partly because I got to see, touch, try on and buy some of the Marni for H&M pieces). And so I fell in love, the kind of love that happens rarely, with something so beautiful that I want to wear it even when I sleep. The Marni for H&M Flower Necklace took my breath aways and was an immediate purchase. Honestly it looks better in real life, than in pictures, but look at that beauty…So stay tuned for some more posts and photos from the opening. It was a night to remember!