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The World Celebrates McQueen

After last week’s wedding there is one name that is circulating around the world. Alexander McQueen. Now it is time to look back at his legacy and the magnificent way in which he interpreted fashion and was able to create magic.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has dedicated an exhibit to that magic. A collection of the best of the best McQueen. Here are some images that are breath stopping, because they show the different techniques, styles,  textures that carry a single spirit- the spirit of Lee McQueen.

Images from Zimbio

The Met to Honor Alexander McQueen

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is honoring one of the greatest minds of 20th century fashion the late Alexander McQueen. They will present a collection of his work in an exhibit named “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty,” which will run from May 4 through July 31, 2011. It will definitely be a worthwhile trip to go to the Big Apple and see the amazingness on display!

It is still sad that the genius behind the incredible creations below is gone. All we can do is remember and cherish his talent.