Faves Time: July Favoutites

July Favourites are here! It has been a month full of sea dreams, beach memories and hot, hot sun. So my favourites for the month are pretty summery and chill.


Summer means that nails should be bright and fun! I have been paying more attention to my nails, and have a whole bunch of nail products that I have used and loved last month.

Avon Quick Dry Nail Spray *– it does work! All you need is a spray and a few second, and your nails are dry. It is some kind of witchcraft, people!

OPI Avoplex *– this product takes care of my cuticles and nails in the downtime between color. Absolutely love the little brush!

And my three fave polishes are all nautical, sea-appropriate and … blue:

Rimmel 60 Seconds by Rita Ora in 878 Breakfast in Bed

Essie in 266 Naughty Nautical

Loved By Sarah Lavoine

Pearl Dent Whitening Strips*

I have been using them just once a week trying to refresh my teeth and brighten them up, and these little strips are working! I am going to keep them and have a more hard core session before the wedding for a bright and diamond-shining smile.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

This has been the discovery of the month! I am addicted! This lotion has transformed my skin and is helping me manage my hormonal break outs. It clears the skin to perfection and makes it smooth and bright. I love, love, love it!

Bioderma Photoderm SPF50+ *in Bronze

I do not go out of the house without SPF. This tinted moisturizer with SPF50 has been all I have been using on my face in the heath. It has light coverage, brightens the skin and protects it from the sun.

Essence Nudes Palette*

This has been back into business, I like it as eye shadows and as a little spot=highlighter to intensify my “strobing” obsession the two lightest shades are amazing – the white one has a great pearl sheen, and the pink gold under it is great for more intense highlights.

Clinique Pops in 01 Nude Pop

Fave by far! It is such a comfortable to wear lipstick, the color is super natural and pretty and it lasts very well. If they were not with such a high pricetag I would buy more and more colors!

L’Oreal Color Riche Pure reds in Blake’s Red

This is my vah-vah-voom color of the summer. I am preparing a whole post with my Red-lip obsession. It is so longlasting, it is not even real. Love. Love. Love.

Brow-game has been on fleek as well. As a person with naturally thick and big brows, I have rarely used brow products, but these two enhance what I have so good.

L’oreal Brow Artist – it is a great dark and hard pencil, to shape and fill in.

Revitabrow Hi-Def tinted brow gel* – This is cement for your brows. I love how it holds them in place, tints them and keeps them for a whole day the way you intended your eyebrows to be!


These are my faves! Have you tried any of them? What do you think?

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Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. Products noted with an * are PR samples sent to me for my consideration. All opinions are my own and I would never write and talk about a product, and recommend it, if I do not love it 100%! 



Current favourites: May-June

faves 1

Hello there! I have been doing the faves posts a bit at random, so this is my May-June version of favourite products, with things that I have been using the most. I am starting a little division by theme – hair and body, skin care and makeup are the categories that I am going to show you in this post.

fave 2

Starting with hair and body, these are the three things that I have been using religiously for the past months.

Klorane shampoo with Myrtle is for hair with problems such as dandruff, flaky scalp and greasy roots. All things I am a proud owner of! So this little green miracle maker has been helping me to tame the itch and the flakes. It has been doing good too! The only thing that I have to note is that it is very deep cleaning and the hair does need a little bit more care after a wash – a mask, oil or something else that is nurturing and reviving.

Here comes the second product – John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir* – it is based on argan oil and it is curl reviving. I am using it usually after I wash my hair on damp, towel-dried hair. It smooths and makes the hair shiny and lively.

As for the body I am loving the Soap and Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter – it is a-mazing! It is very thick in texture, lathers up as a dream and smells divine. It also cleans the skin superb, without drying it out.

faves 6

Going into skin, here are the 5 essentials that I am using as we go into summer. Here I have to say that my combination to oily skin gets oily in the summer, and in the same time it gets crazy and breaks out.

I am trying to use sunscreen on my face, no matter the season. My product of choice for the spring and summer has been Biotrade Melabel Sun SPF50, it is a great product, as it is moisturising, sinks easy into the skin and gives a very good sun protection, without leaving white marks on the skin. The only thing that I would love is if it was tinted.

Maria Galand White Mask* has been a miracle maker. I have not heard of the brand, until an event I was invited to where I received this product – I have been using it about once a week, and this white clay based mask has been amazing. It sucks the impurities out of the skin and leave it glowing. Actually I tested it out as an overnight treatment for spots and it just destroys the monsters!

NUXE Masque Creme Fraiche – I used to love the Creme Fraiche creme before the mask, but now my love has transferred for this amazing product. I use it overnight as a heavy moisturising and nourishing creme about two or three times a week, usually after I do a facemask. The only thing about this series that is tricky is the scent – I hated it in the beginning, but now I do like it and it is not a problem.

Artistry Youth Xtend Enriching Eye Cream* – I found an eye cream that is good. It feels rich and luxurious. I have to admit that I do like the little paddle that it comes with so you don’t have to touch the jar.

MAC Fix + is something that I like using, when I need a bit more “umph!” to my make up – to last extra long, to look extra dewy and to feel extra fresh. And I can say that the bottle that I got is going to last me a long time, as it doesn’t seem to feel the usage at all.

faves 4

Going for the face, make up and color, these are the products that have been part of my beauty bag for the past few weeks…

Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot – I have mentioned it before, and absolutely adore it for fresh ups and just when you need to get rid of shine quick and easy. Also I love it as a setting powder for under eyes.

Flormar Teracotta Bronzer has been my favorite summer magic trick. It gives the face a glowy, bronzy, goddessy, that is natural and beautiful.

MAC Pro longwear concealer* has been a friend of mine for a long time now, it covers like a pro, lasts a great deal of time and does not sink into the lines. I love the creamy light texture!

Revlon Colorstay foundation for combination/oily skin is my summer go-to foundation, as my skin gets oilier in the summer. I like that this product is truly longlasting and blends as a dream.

Essence 3D duo eyeshadows in 01 irresistible fox-trott* – one more product that has been a forever favourite – I double this product as an eyeshadow and as a bronzer, as it gives amazing glow to the skin, that get perfect when the two shades get mixed together with a big kabuki brush. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara* – you know I love mascara, but Rimmel has not been one of brands, until I tried this bad boy. I do love the wand – it is curved on both ends, big and voluptuous. The mascara is the perfect consistency – not very liquid, but not runny and it does not flake, which for me is a big plus for a drugstore mascara.

Estee Lauder Little black primer – I have been wanting to try this product for a long time, as I love lash primers, but all that I have are white, and it is a bi*ch to cover them up after that with mascara. This little guy has amazing brush, that is curvy and can get right in the lash line. Even you can use it on it’s own if you want a more natural look, as it makes the lashes longer, fuller and naturally lush looking.

Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo in Black Cherry – I have talked about this lipstick before, as I am very much in love. It is such an easy product to wear – it is easy to apply, has amazing shine, lasts pretty well, the color I have is a “your lips, but better” kind color, so it is pretty and natural looking and it has SPF in it. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. (it is the first swatch on the photo below- sheer and glossy)

Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter in 019 and 020* – these two have been my faves since I got them as PR samples. The two colors are amazing – one is more nude and natural, the other is purple and rich. I love that the chubbys are moisturising, and do not dry the lips out, but in the same time are very long lasting and have magic staining powers. Definitely a must try product for the summer! (they are the second and the third swatch, as you can see pretty opaque as colors, but glossy and light to wear)

faves 5


These are the beauties that I have been using for the past few weeks. What are your faves?

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* All products marked with an * have been given to me as PR samples. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

MY FIVE: YouTubers

Earlier this year I started “My Five” – a theme in which I am sharing five of my favourite things, be it music (as in the first post), places to eat, recipes, trends… anything that I am into right now. So now it is time to share with you my five favourite YouTube beauty and fashion gurus, that I follow, like and learn from. It is so funny because on YouTube, vloggers are so exposed and real, as if you know them, and with these five ladies I feel like I can sit down, have a drink and talk about life.


  • Kathleenlights
    • She is amazing. I feel like we can be best friends, as she is so nice, honest and a bit of a dork. I do like her make up tutorials, because she experiments with colors in a way I never would. Her product recommendations are spot on and I have bought and use a bunch of products because of her.
  • lillypebbles
    • Lily is very cool, I love her style in the monochrome tones, stripy shirts, minimalist jewellery and chic outfits. Also I do like her vlogs, as she goes to super nice places to eat around London town, which is a very nice as tourist recommendations.
  • ViviannaDoesMakeup
    •  She is so nice, and charming, and proves that simple make up can be so beautiful. I do like her recipes, and have recreated her chocolate cookies over and over again, and they are delicious every time.
  • Kandee Johnson
    • Kandee Johnson is a professional make up artist and she is one of the most positive and genuinely good people. I love how real and unpretentious she is. Absolutely amazing person to follow if you want to learn makeup tips and tricks, makeup transformations and pro advise.
  • Ingrid Nielsen
    • Ingrid is fab! I have been following her for a while and definitely like her aesthetics. Her make up advice is spot on and I really like her style in terms of clothes and interior – it is very eclectic, colorful and cheerful.

Who are your fave YouTube stars? I am very keen on checking out new channels, so it would amazing to discover who you like as well?

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Current (April) Favourites


It has been a hectic and busy month- work, travel, events and a bit of social life, so I kinda skipped the April faves post, I am trying to catch up so here it is.


Бе доста натоварен месец – работа, пътувания, събития и малко социален живот, та леко пропуснах постът с априлските фаворити, сега се опитвам да наваксам и го публикувам.


Time to share what I have been loving in the month of April, it is a bit of random favourites as April has been a bit hectic, busy, stressful and not very “makeupy”. So here is what has been with me almost everyday of the month.

1.Balea Anti-Spot Gel with Salicylic Acid: My skin has been horrible due to stress and hormones, so this little gel has been an overnight miracle in April. It is gel formula that I use as spot treatment overnight, it creates a little film over the blemishes and dries them out.

2.Rimmel 60 seconds nailpolish in 873 breakfast in bed: Absolutely have been loving this color since last summer, and as spring has sprung, it is time to put it on again. It is a great fresh blue-teal shade, has amazing coverage and lasts pretty well.

3. Maybelline Color Tattoos in 65-Pink Gold: I am in love with the color tattoos and have four of them, but this metallic light pink is great and easy to use for everyday. Lately I am very much into pinks and purples when it comes to eyeshadows and this product is super nice as a shadow base.

4. Rimmel Oh My Gloss in 150 Glossaholic: I tried this gloss in April and I am in love with it! It is not sticky at all, has great coverage, and is pigmented as you want it to be! The only thing it that it is not most long-lasting product I own, but for a great-teaxtured non-sticky gloss it performs ok.

5. Astor Matte Style Lip Laquer in 205 All About Style: This is a great matte lip product. It is more like a liquid lipstick, than gloss, as it is thick in texture and very pigmented. It sets completely matte and lasts pretty long time. My recommendation is – try it on on your lips when you decide to buy it, as it is pigmented and you can’t really play with the shade and color.

6. Revitalash: I am a fan, my eyelashas are too. This thing works! I am preparing a whole post dedicated to Revitalash with before and after pictures, not only of my eyelashes, but also of a friend of mine, who tested it with me in February and March, but before that only three words –  It Does Work!

7. Candle Voyage Caribbean from Lidl: I have been loving these candles since I discovered them few months ago. First I was in love with the Tokyo scent, and bought it not only because of the scent, but also because the packaging – which is glass jar covered in plastic colorful foil was the prettiest, all other packages were kinda tacky. But on my third one I discovered that the foil is super easy to take off and then you are left with a pretty jar and a colordul candle inside. In April I am loving the Carribean scent, which is a bit sweeter and coconuty, but not heavy at all. The candles burn for pretty long time and their scent is fantastic, my whole room smells amazing after only 10 minutes! And they are not expensive at all, because although being a candle lover it did hurt when I spent 25 lv. on the L’Erbolario candle that I am trying to ration.

8. Olympus PEN E-PL7: I have been testing this camera for a while and I am in love! It is very easy to use, it is compact, it has a flip screen and it is beautiful! Again, I am preparing a longer and more detailed post about it, so stay tuned!


1.Balea Anti-Spot Gel –  кожата ми напоследък бе ужасна, не знам защо – хормони, стрес, умора… но това гелче ми беше пръв помощник. Използвам го като го нанасям педи да си легна и го оставям цяла нощ, то изсъхва и образува филм върху пъпчицата и я изсушава.

2. Rimmel 60 seconds nailpolish in 873 breakfast in bed – тъй като за първи път тази година ми стана едно такова пролетно, реших че е време за по-свежи и прекрасни цветове и този продължава да ми е любим. Цветът е прекрасен – смесица между тюркоаз и мента, по-синкав, но толкова блед и нежен, че няма как да не ти хареса. Щом ме питаха непознати хора какъв е този цвят, значи наистина привлича внимание.

3. Maybelline Color Tattoos in 65-Pink Gold – Влюбена съм в тези сенки и вече имам четири цвята, но този розовия ми е супер-мега-ултра любим защото е много лесен за носене. Използвам го, когато не ми се занимава много с грим и сенки, просто го нанасям с пръст и размазвам или напластявам за да е по-плътен. Трае много добре и е също така чудесна основа за сенки.

4. Rimmel Oh My Gloss in 150 Glossaholic – Много прекрасен глос, който опитах за първи път през април. Не лепне, много е приятен и е с доста добра пигментация, нито повече, нито по-малко. Единственото нещо, което му е минус е, че не е много траен, но при изборът трайност или лепкавост, аз предпочитам глосът ми да не лепи.

5. Astor Matte Style Lip Laquer in 205 All About Stylе- Също нова придобивка, която много ми харесва. За първи път ползвам продукт на марката и това течно червило е брилянтно. Пигментирано, трайно и много добро като текстура. Изсъхва напълно матово и може да изкара доста дълго време на устните. Моят съвет е ако ще си купувате, да си го тествате направо на устните, а не на ръката, защото е толкова пигментирано, че много трудно можете да го направите по-леко и цветът, който виждате ще застане така на устните ви.

6. Revitalash- Подготвям цяла голяма публикация със снимки и мнения за Revitalash, но тъй като го ползвах повече от месец (а и още го ползвам) мога да кажа – Това чудо работи, наистина! Не съм вярвала, че ще го кажа, бях мега скептична, но да, работи и действа.

7. Candle Voyage Caribbean from Lidl– Много, много приятни свещи. Открих ги преди няколко месеца в и първоначално си купувах само Tokyo версията, защото опаковката и най ми допадаше – свещите идват в стъклено бурканче, което е обвито с шарена пластмасова опаковка, Tokyо  е най-семпла и не-кичозна, за това си купувах само нея. Докато не открих, че всъщност пластмасовото найлонче може да се махне много лесно и така да си остане просто стъклено бурканче. През април много ми допадна Carribean, който е сладък и леко кокосов, но не тежък. Много са ефективни и за около 10 минути стаята се пълни с приятен аромат, а цената им е много добра. Въпреки, че обичам свещи, все още ме боли сърцето за 25те лева, които дадох за свещта на L’Erbolario и нея си я пазя само за специални случаи.

8. Olympus PEN E-PL7 – Tествам този фотоапарат и съм влюбена. Лесен е за употреба, има флип-екран, снима видео, лек е, красив е, практичен е и може би едно от най-добрите снимачни устройства. Подготвям дълга и подробна публикация, така че скоро ще говоря повече и за него.

Това ми бяха фаворитите. Ползвали ли сте нещо от продуктите, които харесвам аз? Какво е вашето мнение?

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Favourites Time: February

feb faves

February has been the beginning of a #nobuy period for me, as I realized that I have a bunch of make up that I just need to use and I don’t need any more. I have prepared a short What’s new post that is going to follow on the blog, about a few new things I got, but as Favourites go- my skincare is pretty similar to last month, and my make up has been very neutral with a hint of spirng. Here are some of my most used and favourite products for February…


Февруари бе началото на #nobuy инициативата ми, в която ограничавам покупки, тъй като осъзнах, че имам много гримове и козметика и няма нужда да харча повече пари за нови, а по-добре да започна да използвам това, което имам. И все пак, тъй като не се сдържах съм подготвила пост с нови придобивки, но що се отнася до фаворитите ми за този месец, грижата ми за кожата е същата като преди, а гримът ми е неутрален с дъх на пролет. Ето и най-използваните ми продукти за месец Февруари…

feb faves 5

Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner. It is the liner that is perfect for a fab cat-eye. It is easy to use, does not smudge and sets very matte black.

Soap and Glory It’s About Prime primer. I like that I can wear this on it’s own, or as a base, it is sparkly and brightens while covering up.

MAC Pushglass in Ample Pink. I love that this gloss is longlasting, looking natural and smells like cake! It is a bit sticky, but nothing that I cannot handle.

Max Factor Color Elixir lipstick in 833 Rosewood. This was on sale, so I decided to try it and I absolutely love this shade, it is the perfect everyday lipstick – light, lasting and moisturising.

Avon Ultra Color Indulgence lipstick in Honey Flower. This is part of the new line that AVON is launching and has a gel texture, can be strange to apply to dry lips but it if my lips are not dry, this lippie is great and looks like my lips have been photoshopped in real life.

Sleep i-Divine Palette in Oh So Special. A-mazing! Perfect combination of matte and shimmer, the shades are neutral and are absolutely great for everyday make up.


Soap and Glory Supercat очна линия. Тази очна линия е прекрасна и лесна за използване, трайна е, не се размазва и изсъхва в матов черен цвят.

Soap and Glory It’s About Prime праймър. Напоследък съм се отворила на праймъри и този е чудесен, защото освен като база, може да бъде носен и самостоятелно като изравнява тена и озарява очите.

MAC Pushglass в Ample Pink гланц за устни. Много обичам този глос, изглежда натурално, трае безумно дълго и мирише на торта!!! Малко е лепкав, но нищо, което да не може да се изтрае.

– Max Factor Color Elixir червило в 833 Rosewood. Беше на мега разпродажба и реших да тествам. Това е перфектното червило за всеки ден, не се усеща на устните, а е много трйано.

Avon Ultra Color Indulgence червило в Honey Flower. Това е част от новата линия червила на AVON и е с текстура на гел. Малко е странно ако се нанася на по-сухи устни, но ако всичко е наред това червило прави устните ви перфектни, като пипани с фотошоп.  

– Sleep i-Divine палитра в  Oh So Special. Обожавам тази палитра. Перфектна е за всеки ден, има иделаната комбинация от матови и блестящи сенки, а цветовете са неутрални и подходящи за ежедневен грим.

feb faves 3

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*Some of the products in this post have been given to me as PR samples. The opinions are my own. 

Favourites Time: January 2015

january favoruritesJanuary was a bit of a bizarre month. It was cold, busy, windy and gray. If I have to be completely honest, I would say that in January I was not ready to experiment with anything new, but preferred to use products that are in my comfort zone and have been used for quite a while (at least most of them). All I needed this month was comfort, sleep and warmth. So I am dividing my faves in three parts – body, face and scents. Here we go…

january faves body

My body faves are all very comforting (yes, that would be the theme).

Soap and Glory Whipped Clean – it is a shower butter, that is rich, creamy, fantastically foaming and it smells like heaven on earth!

Ziaja – Natural Olive oil body lotion – this has been my body lotion of choice for about two or three months, and I do love it. It is a bit liquidy but still very rich, and I love the way my skin feels when I use it.

Ziaja Kids Shampoo and Shower Gel – Holy, moly, cookies and cream! This smells amazing! It smells like childhood and sweets. I have only used it as a showergel, and not as a shampoo, but it lathers well and the whole bathroom smells like cookies and cream after that. The boy loves it as well, so it shall be repurchased!

Weleda Skin Food – during winter months my hands resemble desert. Dry, cracked and uncomfortable – this is magic! Asbolutely love it.

Bio-oil Have been using Bio Oil for a scar on my arm and the scar has faded a bit. I am going to write a post about it soon. But lately I have been using it on my face as well and it is pretty nice!

jan faves make up

Too Faced Chocolate Bar – it is pretty much in every post, but I am a bit addicted – it has all I need for my make up, it is easy to blend and smells divine when you open the packaging. I am loving the mattes and two of the deep purples- Cherry Cordial and Black Forest Truffle. The only thing that I am a bit bummed out is that it creases on me, and it is not the most long lasting ever. But the colors are so amazing that I can settle with a primer for that.

Avene Couvrance Brow Pencil – it is my first brow pencil ever, and I have been a fan this month. I love that it has a little brush at the end that I use to smudge and comb through my brows.

NYX Butter Lip Gloss in Creme Brulée  – again a product that is so loved and so within my comfort zone. I have been loving the formula that is not sticky at all, but still lasts a long time. And it does smell like candy!

Korres  Mandarin lip butter stick – so very well loved, this has been a saviour in the windy winter days. It has been in my coat pocket since the beginning of winter and you can see that even the writing on the packaging has rubbed off. So much love!

january faves fragranceAvon Premiere Luxe Gold Blush – It is spring in a bottle. It smells like roses and peaches and jasmin, but has a hint of pepper and pachouli. Definitely one of the most me-scents there is.

Nivea dry comfort deo roll on – this has been a replacement of my unattainable in Bulgaria Secret deodorant.  I have tried three of the roll-on series and I can report that I have no complaints! Does not last 48 hours for sure on me, but gets me through the day.

These are my favourites this months. Have you tried any of them? Do you have any recommendations that I should try next month? Keep me posted!

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September Favourites

На бързо в последните минути на месец септември споделям фаворитите ми за месеца или тези продукти, които ползвах най-често и взимах с мен, когато пътувах насам натам през септември.


Quickly before September has ran out, I am sharing my favourites, or the products I loved the most this month and took with me on my frequent travels in the past four weeks. 

sept faves

1. Macadamia Natural Oil Reviving Curl Cream. Вече съм писала няколко пъти за него, но този продукт е чудесен. Напоследък е един от двата, които слагам на косата си. Macadamia Natural Oil Reviving Curl Cream и MorrocanOil са ми тоталните фаворити за коса през месец Септември. Който не ги е тествал, нека да ги пробва, особено ако имате по-суха, къдрева и твърда коса.

1. Macadamia Natural Oil Reviving Curl Cream. I absolutely love this product, it is one of my top two and only products I have been using this month. Along with the MorrocanOil it completes my routine. I definitely recommend both, especially if you have curly, frizzy and thick hair. 

2.  ColorStay Makeup For Combo/Oily Skin. Страхотна е за по-мазна кожа. Този фон дьо тен дава мнодо хубав блестящ завършек, като наистина трае дълго време, дори и без основа. Аз си го взех за лятото, тъй като кожата ми е по-мазна тогава, но със сигурност ще си го ползвам и есента. Единсвеният минус е, че стъклената опаковка няма помпичка и продуктът излиза много трудно. Но аз се специализирах вече с клечка за уши да си взема от опаковката, колкото ми трябва и всичко е 6 🙂

2.  ColorStay Makeup For Combo/Oily Skin. Love this foundation, it is suitable for more oily kind of skin. I got it for the summer, as my skin tends to get much oilier in the hot months, but it is so good that I am going to keep using it through fall as well. The only downside of this is the packaging – the glass bottle does not come with a pump, so it is kind of a pain to get the product out. I have mastered the power of a Q-tip, so I am working it and getting as much product as needed with one move. 🙂

3. Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer. Наистина гламофлажва всичко. Няма пъпка, нито пора или тъмен кръг, който да му се опре. Много добра покупка, жалко, че ги няма в БГ. Хилади благодарности на моята дружка Кристина, която бе превърната в beauty mule и носи хиляда неща от САЩ миналия месец.

3. Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer. It glamoflauges everything. No pore, zit or dark circle can stand on its mattifying and brightening way. 

4. 60 Seconds Rita Ora Nail Polish  by Rimmel London in 873 Breakfast in Bed. Много ми е любим цяло лято. Нежен цвят, който трае до два дни на моите нокти, което е безумно дълго! Плюс това цветът е почти на 99% еднакъв с култовия това лято Mint Candy Apple на Essie, е а четири пъти по-евтин.

4. 60 Seconds Rita Ora Nail Polish  by Rimmel London in 873 Breakfast in Bed. It has been my go to summer polish. It is a dupe for the cult favourite this summer Essie’s Mint Candy Apple and it only a quarter of the price. Good job Rita Ora!  

5. NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee. Това е най-страхотния глос. Не е лепкав, цветът е перфектния нюд нюанс. Ако бяха на щатски цени да съм си купила всички цветове, в интерес на истината.

5. NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee. OMG! Best. Gloss. Ever. It is not sticky. Does not leave your lips uncomfortable. And the color is the perfect nude. Definitely!. If it was not THAT expensive in Bulgaria I would buy all the colors, but alas… 

6. e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia. Невероятно дуо. Отново щатско, така че няма да го възхвалявам прекалено, но бие всички други бронзъри, които имам, а е на части от цената им.

6. e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia. This is such and amazing warm duo. It beats most of the bronzers I have and is only $3! 


7. e.l.f. Studio Baked Blush in Pinktastic. Използвам го за хайлайт, защото има страхотно лунно (чети студено) сияние и прави много лек искрящ пласт без да е много лъскав или брукатен.

7. e.l.f. Studio Baked Blush in Pinktastic. I like this as a highlight. It gives you a moonlight cold sheen, and is great if you just want a little shine without sparkle. 

8. Maybelline Color Tattoos in Pomegranate Punk. Тези крем сенки ми бяха някак си импулсивна покупка, но цветът им е страхотен! Нанасят се много лесно, могат да се наслояват без проблем за наситен цвят или да се разнесат за просто лек нюанс на розово-червено. Може би щяха да са още по-чудесни ако имаха една идея по-малко брукат.

8. Maybelline Color Tattoos in Pomegranate Punk. These were a spur of the moment buy, but I have been using them a lot. These cream shadows are very easy to apply and can be packed in order to get more pigmented color or sheer it up to get a mauvy nice pink. The only minus I might note is that there is way too much sparkle in it for my liking. 

9. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara + Subversion Primer. Много гледах и слушах за тази спирала. Видях я на промо за 17 евро с праймъра със feelunique.com и нямаше сила, която да ме спре. Много е хубава, определено. Когато се използват двата продукта, ефектът е като на Diorshow. Без праймър е по-семпла, но прави миглите много черни и обемни. Много ми харесва и най-важното, минава моя тест – когато съм с нея ме питат дали миглите са мои или изкуствени. 🙂

9. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara + Subversion Primer. The hype was great, I read many blogposts and saw a bunch of videos, so when I saw this on sale at feelunique.com for 17 euro I could not help but get my plastic money out! The mascara + the primer is an amazing combo, it gets to the heights of my fave Diorshow and get through the test I have with mascaras – when I am with it, I get questioned if my lashes are real or fake. 🙂


Пробвали ли сте някои от тези продукти? Какво мислите? Кой ви е любим?

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think? Which is your fave?

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