Another one of my wedding preparation, Pinterest gawking, pictures filled posts. I am getting more and more excited, as the time flies by so quick! We have so many things done, and yet so many that are unsure, not confirmed and planned, but we will see if they work out. But as I am going to be doing my own hair and make up, I am gaining more and more inspiration, so here are some styles that strike my fancy!

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Сватбата наближава с бясна сила и това е още един пост, породен от часовете прекарани в Pinterest! Има толкова много неща, които се случват по организацията на една сватба, особено когато сте решили да си я планирате сами. Много от нещата са отметнати, но има още толкова много, които висят във въздуха, планирани са, но не са случени или сигурно дори не сме се сетили за тях… И тъй като ще си правя грима и косата сама, споделям още няколко снимки с чудесни идеи за сватбени прически, които съм отбрала и, които много ми харесват.

Всички снимки са от Pinterest. Следвате ли ме там?

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Splurge Time!


Time to show and tell!

I have decided that I have way too many clothes, and as I couldn’t clean my wardrobe efficiently this spring, I am refraining from clothes-shopping and adding up to the madness. But I cannot simply drop shopping, so I found my salvation in make up and accessories. I mean you can never ever have way to many necklaces, right?

The bug necklace from H&M caught my eye few months ago, but last time I was in the store I found one last piece of this necklace, and all the little sparkly insects were looking at me and screaming my name, so I just had to have it. I love that it is different, eclectic and a bit awkward and mixes silver, gold and pink metals with stones and pearls. Loves!!!



 Talking about cosmetics… I am in very spring mood – bold lips, tanned skin, bouncy curls. And as spring is time to experiment I am trying new things, that are a bit out of my comfort zone.

Hair: Trying to wear mine more down and curly. It is tough, as I am used to wear it up all the time. To tame the monstrosity of hair I am using the new Avon Advanced Techniques Smooth as Silk Serum. It smells good, makes my hair really shiny and frizz free and keeps the curls perfect.

Eyes: A thing that I reluctantly tried but absolutely adore is the Essence Eyeliner Pen, which is waterproof. So far I have been using only gel liner or pencil liner, as everything that is liquid turns into a disaster. The Essence Pen is super easy to use and gives you the perfection of a liquid liner with the ease of gel liner. Seriously good bang for your buck as well!

Brows: Again something new that I am trying – Catrice Eyebrow Filler. So far my eyebrows have been make up-less, but this gel filler makes wonders and is now part of my daily make up routine. It gives shape and makes my eyebrows tamed and combed, but still natural.20140521-214932.jpg

Lips: Find of the season! Golden Rose Velvet Matte #20. The perfect dark indulgent rich matte lipstick. It is long lasting as well, and does not leave marks. I have been wanting to try this lipstick for sometime now, even though I have always thought Golden Rose is cheapy cosmetics with not that much quality products, but this lipstick proves me wrong on so many levels. The color is pigmented and rich. The wear is easy. The finish is perfect matte. And it is steady on the lips for hours – no smudging, leaking or sticking. 20140521-214954.jpg

Face: And for the perfect tan I got me a bronzer. Lilly now carries Flormar cosmetics, so I got to try something else other than their nailpolish (which I love). I saw this marble baked bronzer #26 and it spoke my language. The combination of pinks, browns, oranges and grays is perfect for my complexion and gives me a healthy glow. I am a bit tan now, after a week at the sea, so this combination of colors enhances the tan, but does not make me look like painted over.


 What did you but last that was out of your comfort zone?

❤ Pet



weleda hair

Weleda is a new brand for me, but I’m very inspired, as I am becoming more and more aware that we need to use natural products. Weleda’s hair series is without silicones, sulphates and raw materials from mineral oils. The products do not contain synthetic colorants, flavors and preservatives. Certified as natural cosmetics from Natrue.

Currently I am using Weleda’s great gift  – shampoo for dry and damaged hair with organic jojoba oil and organic extracts of leaves of sage. It is very strange because when used, it does not foam as a normal shampoo and leaves the hair is not so squeaky clean, but very healthy feeling and clean.


Weleda е нова марка за мен, но съм много вдъхновена, тъй като все повече и повече осъзнавам, че трябва да използваме натурални продукти. Серията за коса е без силикон, сулфати и суровини от минерални масла. Продуктите не съдържат синтетични оцветители, ароматизатори и консерванти. Сертифицирани са като натурална козметика от Natrue.

В момента използвам страхотния подарък от марката – шампоан за суха и изтощена коса, с органично масло от жожоба и органичен екстракт от листата на салвия. Много е странно защото при употреба не се пени като нормалните шампоани, с които сме свикнали и оставя косата не  толкова скърцаща от чистота, но много жива и чиста.

weleda 1

weleda 3 weleda 2

There are also Shampoo for normal hair,  Shampoo antidandruff and the hair collection is complemented with Restoration mask and Repairing Conditioner for dry and damaged hair. Last, but not least there is a Revitalizing lotion, hair tonic, which is with essential oil of rosemary and smells wonderful. I am going to use the shampoo and try out the other products as well, but so far so good. Me and my hair are very pleased with the results.

Thank you, Weleda!


Има още Шампоан за нормална коса и Шампоан против пърхот, а колекцията за коса се допълва с Възстановяваща маска и Възстановяващ балсам за суха и изтощена коса. На последно място, но не и по значение е и Ревитализиращят лосион-тоник за коса, който е с етерично масло от розмарин и мирише прекрасно.  Ще използвам шампоана и другите продукти и се надявам, аз и косата ми да сме все така доволни.

Благодаря Weleda!

❤ Pet

Kim K’s Style

As I have said many times before, I am a big fan of the Kardashians. They remind me of my own family (perhaps because I am a half Armenian too), and as a fan of reality TV, everything that is Kardashian-related I find fun.

The three sisters are just fab, but Kim has a distinct and very sexy style. She extenuates the hourglass figure she has with waisted dresses, wears a lot black-white combos and has the shiniest hair in the whole of Hollywood. As a dress lover, I can just bow down for some of the pieces she chooses, but even when she is in jeans and a tank, she is well-put together and nicely-accessoriesed.

A lot can be learned about style from her, because she definitely knows how to choose clothes that fit her best and look great on her.


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Color-dipped hair: Hot or Not?

After green dipped hair at the AMA’s last week, and pink dipped hair at the David Letterman show earlier, the rapper Nicki Minaj was spotted to rock rainbow dipped ends of her blond locks. I do appreciate her bold style, and colorful outfits, however color-dipped hair is so Baby-Spice-1990’s, kinda tacky… I hope it is not the next cool thing!

Photos Just Jared


Let’s talk about the hair-trend of this season – shoulder length, natural curls…

I have already talked that I love the hairdo that RiRi is spotting in Only Girl (in the World) video. Even the color is fab!

And as I am a huge fan on ANTM, I have noticed that Tyra is rocking all season very similar hairdo. Looks very natural and relaxed. As I am looking for a hair-change ideas, that will reflect the current life-changes that I am trying to implement I am actually considering chopping my almost waist long curls to freshen up and see what happens. What do you think? I definitely love!