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Trend Report: The Power of Oils

Lately I have been a huge fan of oils. It took me quite a bit of time to actually try most of them, but cross my heart, I will never go back to other lotions and potions. This post is going under the series Trend Report, as in the past year or so, oils have been uber-trendy, everyone is talking about them and I think it is a trend to stay.

A little bit of background info about me – my face is combination to oily in the summer, and I have been trying to dry it out since I can remember; the skin of my body is normal and I am not a fan of sticky products like bodybutters and lotions, and the only thing that (I thought) needed oil was my hair, which is dry like a desert. So why oils….well, it has been quite a fad lately and I decided to give in, though quite hesitantly.


First it was Moroccanoil, it came as a PR sample and although very excited, I was not 100% sure, as I had tried other oils for hair, and they made my mane greasy and heavy. But I am in awe with Moroccanoil – it is weightless, nutritious, smells divine and takes great care of my curls. A little goes a long way with the product, and I use only a pump or two on damp hair. Basically the big bottle will last me about a year. It is recommended for all types of hair, but I can definitely give two thumbs up as a person with dry curly hair.

The other oil that came to me was NUXE Huile Prodigieuse, I have it as a little travel sample, and have not bought the fullsize as the boy does not like the scent at all (although I love it so much, that I do want the perfume). Huile Prodigieuse is a multipurpose dry oil – you can use it for hair, face and body and it does not leave anything greasy and slippery, does not weigh the hair down, but sinks in the hair and skin immediately and leaves it dry to the touch, but fully moisturised and recovered. I think I shall invest in the Or (gold) version for the summer, but that is in the shopping cart still.

My next oil, that I absolutely love is BioOil. I have used and known the brand since my years in the USA, but it is already in Bulgaria and I am loving it. I love that it helps with getting rid of scars, and I am using it (on and off) on the scar that I have on my arm (I have two scars from taking a cake out of the oven) – the small one is gone, the bigger one is fading gradually. For real, it does work! Lately I decided to be adventurous and use it on my face once or twice a week as a night moisturiser. In the morning my skin is revived, but it does leave a bit of a greasy/oily film on the skin for a while, and does not sink in immideately.


A recent purchase that grew on me is the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil. I have been eyeing the product since forever, but as it is a pricey item I got it about two months ago, when I decided one day I should spoil myself – it is 30BGN after all. At first I did not like it at all, and I did regret spending money on it, but something clicked and now I do not know how I have lived without it.

Why I was hesitant- I have been used to showegels that foam quite a lot, and thought that foam was actually cleansing, hence as this product did not foam up like a showegel – it did not clean well (in my head that is). Truth be told, it cleanses my skin better, and after that my body feels softer and more moisturised. Basically the oil turns into cream when it contacts water and you rub it between your palms. After that when rubbed well on the body it creates a bit of a lather (the hairier the places you apply, the more lather there is). The cleansing test was on my legs after I wore my jeans for a whole day – the foam gets blue–gray, and my skin feels so soft, as if it has been exfoliated. How I usually use it is, as a second wash, after I have already cleansed my body with showergel, I cleanse with the Shower Oil as a last step of cleanse + moisture. Definitely a staple product that will be in my bathroom for now on.

The last product is also a recent purchase – the Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil is a completely new step in my skincare routine. Yes the whole idea of using oil for cleanser is kinda strange and bizarre, but it does melt the make up off my dry face and cleanses everything well. I use 2-3 pumps of the product and massage it onto my face and eyes (yep, it melts mascara as well). After a good minute or two massaging, I add a few drops of water and it does turn into a creamy-lathery texture. I wash it off with water, and it is always fun to see how the water in my white sink runs dark and nasty from all the make up coming off my face. The product leaves a bit of a residue on the skin – a creamy, oily feeling, that I don’t particularly like, so I go over my face with a cotton pad soaked with micellar water. It is always so satisfying to see that the cotton pad is clean.

These are my oils, all of the ones I have used and liked very much. There are oils that I do not like and do not work for me, but I do not like to write negative reviews, I am leaving them out. Also a topic for a whole other post is natural oils, such as coconut, olive, almond, and jojoba oils.

Are you fans of oils? Do you use them? Which is your fave? I will be happy to know.

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*Some of the products have been given to me as PR samples. The opinions are my own and I am 100% honest.


In love with Nuxe

photo 1 (7)

For some months now I have been seeing NUXE everywhere! Before that I didn’t even know the brand, so I decided to be adventurous and try something unfamiliar. The best way to go was to try the miniature travel kit, so that I can review a few products and if I don’t like anything to NOT be stuck with a whole big bottle of something I am not going to use.

The kit consists of 5 products:

– Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals 30ml

– Nuxellence® Jeunesse 15ml

– Huile Prodigieuse® 10ml

– Crème Fraiche® de beauté 15ml

– Nuxe Body Fondant Shower Gel 30ml

They all come is a very slick and 80’s styled case with golden brown trim. Foxy!

photo 2 (9)

So… first impressions:

I am in love with the Huile Prodigieuse! It is Prodigieuse (miraculous or amazing in French ) for sure! Here is why:

– It smells amazing! It is a sweet, musky smell of natural oils. I absolutely love the scent, but noticed that the boys around me do not. They find it heavy and too sweet. So not very much a boy-pleaser. but it is so good that I don’t really care 🙂

– It is dry oil, which means that after you apply it, you are not oily and slippery and gross. It absorbs in the skin very fast and makes it soft and silky. I tried using it for my hair, and it is amazing because it makes the ends of the hair nice and shiny.

– It is multifunctional- you can use it instead of many products that you usually buy – body milk, body butter, hair oil, face moisturizer.

– It is natural, made using six Precious Plant Oils (Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borrage, Almond, Camellia and St. John’s Wort)

So definitely would buy the real size of this miraculous product!

The only con I can find is that the little bottle doesn’t have any sort of stopper on the top, and it is easy to spill more of the precious oil than you actually need.

photo 3 (4)The other product that I am in love is the Nuxellence® Jeunesse. It is a fluid that makes my face feel beautiful and skin bright. Definitely would love the full size product. Why I like it:

– It is very light and gets absorbed by my skin immediately. No greasy film on the skin is left, which is great!

–  It is enriched with pigment correctors and the fluid immediately illuminates skin. Great for summer, when i don’t tend to put on heavy foundation.

– Smells amazingly!

– Multifunctional again, can be used as day or night cream.

– No cons, just dreaming of the real size product. 🙂

photo 4 (2)

The Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals is ok. I do not like the smell of roses very much, so that is a drawback. But as a whole it is a very quality product.

– It removes make up very well!

– After using it the skin is soft and glowy.

I have been using other Micellar waters (Bioderma and Biotherm) and I don’t see major differences between them all, except of the scents. So it is definitely in my top 3!

photo 5

The other two products I am not very fond of. But again that is just me, as I have read amazing review for them!

-Crème Fraiche® de beauté – it is cream for dry skin and 24-hour care. Contains Almond and Orange, White Flowers, Aloe Vera Sap.  It is too heavy for me, as my skin is pretty oily. Also the scent is very strange. It smells very raw and green and herbal… just not my thing so definitely not going to invest in a full size product.

– Nuxe Body Fondant Shower Gel smells good. It is soap free and contains natural extracts- with Orange Blossom and Almond Blossom Petal. The scent is very sweet and milky, so it is not very summary. As it is soap free you need a bit more product to get enough lather. I used the whole tube for about 4 showers, which is not very economical.

Overall the travelkit it definitely a great investment, as you are going to fall in love with more than one of the five products. I became a fan of the brand as the products are high quality and natural. Something that is hard to find. But after all NUXE comes from Natural Luxe, right?

Have you tried any of the NUXE products? What do you think? Do you have a favourite?

❤ Pet