On the Move Again: Kitchen from Anthropologie

I am moving again to a new flat, and as with every move I am overwhelmed with decorating the new place, choosing the right accessories and of course making it as homey and me as possible. In order to begin the whole process, there is always a room to start from and this time it is the kitchen! I was looking for some ideas on the Anthropologie site (my obsession with the brand is widely manifested) and found some of the coolest accessories for the so coveted kitchen. I love the vintage feel of most of them and that they are kitschy but in a very cool and stylish way.












Verdant Canister and Bread Bin



Castle key bottle opener


Milk Bottle Measuring Cups



Dining room measuring spoons

Fine dining place mats


Where Ideas Come From

Haven’t shared a wonderful, thoughtful and inspiring video from TED, in quite a while. A friend shared this video on facebook, and although I have seen it quite some time ago, I still find it fascinating!

The topic is something everyone should be interested in. Where ideas come from is people? Because great ideas ate what keeps the world turning, and you never know when a spark will create something cool and new. But inspiration does come meeting people, interacting with people, networking…  we create as we connect.

And to conclude with – this is the true story of how the GPS was invented! Geeky but pretty awesome 🙂