The Times We Live In

One of the reasons I love December is not because it is the last month of the year- an end to something, which especially, if it is a craptastic year like mine has been, is always a good thing; but because it gives everybody time to reflect, to see what has been in the world around them and look back… I must say I am quite excited about next month and all the reviews of bests, worsts, mosts and leasts…

The first of these reflective reviews is Vanity Fair’s Year in Review: January to June– world events captured by some of the most amazing photographers in the world. If a picture is worth a thousand words, VF’s pics are worth a million.

Lanvin ♥ H&M

It is almost here!! Lanvin’s Collection for H&M is almost in stores. But before the coveted November 23rd is here we can salivate while looking at the gorgeous photos H&M uploaded on their Facebook page. Make sure you take a look for yourself! Also one of my fave bloggers DisneyRollerGirl posted pictures from the UK preview so make sure you check them out too. 🙂

The only thing I am really hoping is that these clothes are as exquisite and high quality on the hangers in stores as they look on the pictures on Facebook! Here are my faves:

Architectural designs, saturated colors, belted looks… what is there not to love?!

J’adore this tee!!! It is so badass!

Love it or hate it the fur vest is here to stay this winter. I just hope they don’t come alive at night to haunt us for our fashion decisions…

Which is your favourite!?