Life and Beauty Hacks

  • Put a spoonful of sugar and few drops of bleach in the vase to keep flowers alive for longer. The beach/vodka kill the germs and the sugar feeds the flowers.  93faa0cbc006b4312a6ce3a646a10c5f
  • Use a spaghetti stick to light a candle. It is cheap, easy and you don’t need complicated lighters.
  • Roll your t-shirts so that you can see them in your drawers. When rolled, they take less space and you see them all, so you can find easier what you need.
  • Use conditioner to shave your legs with instead of shaving cream. Works the same, even better.
  • Use lipbalm to tame your eyebrows. If your eyebrow product is away, lipbalm will tame the suckers.
  • Use an old t-shirt to dry your hair.  It is softer and better for your hair, than a coarse towel. edfb6c9926c5f5f1a75325bec75b52e7
  • Use mascara as eyeliner. Tap the mascara brush on your lower lid, and when it dries a bit, smudge with a brush.eddf71e34a36cb470f0a3e3914b85f84
  • Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush. Apply lipbalm and rub your lips with the brush, the effect is like using a lip scrub.



  • Трик за любителите на свежи цветя – слагайте няколко капки белина или водка и малко захар във взата, така запазвате цветята си по-дълго. Белината /водката дезинфекцират, а захарта поддържа цветята.
  • Използвайте спагетка за да запалвате свещи, които са в по-дълбоки чаши. Действа и няма нужда от сложни запалки и механизми. 70734ba64d659e02366f29124d81b4dd
  • Навивайте си блузките и тениските, а не ги сгъвайте в чекмеджетата. Така те заемат по-малко място, а и имате пряка видимост към всички тениски. 8a303b3449b7c9ad3a4176f4d0fb961b
  • Ако ви свърши пяната за бръснене, винаги може да използвате балсам за коса.
  • Винаги може да използвате балсам за устни, за да укротите веждите си, ако нямате специален продукт за вежди наблизо.
  • Сушете си косата със стара, мека, памучна тениска. (може и нова, ако искате :)) Памучният плат няма да нарани косата ви, така както прави грубата хавлия. 3db7cfb94833131775c08a1d96b432aa
  • Винаги може да използвате спиралата си, вместо молив на долния клепач. Просто леко докоснете четката на спиралата, а след като изсъхне лекичко размазвате.
  • Можете да ексфолирате устните си с четка за зъби. Намажете с вазелин и потръкайте. Ще получите ефект на lip scrub.



===Love yourself!===

*photos from Pinterest

Quote of the day


I found this on TUMBLR and couldn’t help but share it. Life lately has been wonderful and I am so thankful for all the great things that are happening.

BE HAPPY! Why not?

One Day

Being a very picky reader, who gets bored at page 50, it is very rare that I find a book that I read page to page in the matter of a couple of days. So whenever I find a book like this, it makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. Few days ago I finished David Nichols’ “One Day” and now I am more than looking forward to see the movie, featuring Anne Hathaway and  Jim Sturgess as Emma and Dexter.

The story is just wonderful – following the lives of two people, on the anniversary of the day they met. It follows the ups and downs, the complex relations between men and women, the wonderful times when you think you have found yourself, and the scary moments you are looking but nothing is in the horizon. Perhaps I am looking into it too deeply, or perhaps it speaks to my own life and story, but no matter what the reasoning behind my infatuation with the story, there is no doubt that it is wonderful!

Here is a glimpse of the trailer, for just a taste of the story. Haven’t seen it yet, but I do hope it is as good as the book!

Slow Down: Enjoy Life You Pass By


My best friends sent me this story today. I was living in DC at the moment this happened and I remember the news, but have forgotten the message itself. So yep – Slow down and enjoy life! We usually pass it by because we are moving too fast.

The year of 4: Beyonce for real

I am a sucker for documentaries, and when it is inspiring and touching and real, it just makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Beyonce is so open in this documentary, very true to herself, down to earth and shows us the journey she has been through in the creation of the new album.

The most exciting lesson for me “you need to live a life and open your eyes. you don’t want to wake up with no memories, and never really being able to see the world.” So true. Thank you, B.