Madonna is Back!

Gotta love the new black and white craziness from the Queen of Pop. The beat is great, the video is as scandalous as it gets. Smells like song of the spring!

Madonna: “I still feel different”

Madonna was on Ellen talking about being different, and that “it is ok to be who you are”… Love both Ellen and Madonna!!!

Definitely spend 5 minutes to listen to what Madge has to say… so worth it and inspirational.

The Secret Behind Real Beauty- Photoshop

There is no secret that 99.99% of all photos that are published in magazines and ad campaigns are some more than others heavily photoshopped. We all know this and yet live in a bliss of pretend ignorance admiring and striving to look like the gorgeous creatures looking at us from the magazines. There has been so much written about that, but it is always surprising when a “before” and “after” pictures leak into the press, because then we become disillusioned and it hurts a little…

So do you remember last year when this image was all over the bloggosphere:


And it was turned into an amazingly beautiful advertising campaign for Louis Vuitton that looked like this:

Well Madonna is in the news again, because an untouched picture from her new Dolce and Gabbana campaign leaked yesterday and it is all over the news. The veiny arms are something that is quite obvious, but for crying out loud the lady is 53 years old. I saw her Sticky and Sweet tour last summer and I can only pray and hope to look like her when I am her age…

And the actual campaign photos will look like this. Polished and perhaps 20+ years younger…

Well this is the world of celebration and fashion, everything should be perfection, and unfortunately we as human beings, even Madonna, are not. So as long as we are aware that photoshop perfection is what we are looking at, we are good. Illusions are so beautiful.

Images courtesy of the Daily Mail and Fashion Foie Gras