Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Very rarely I am surprised. Not that there is nothing that can surprise me and leave dumbfounded, but more often than not I am pretty well informed and know about things. Especially when it comes to make up. Well I spend time and effort to read, watch and explore for news and cool innovations. So… AVON succeeded in surprising me. A few days ago, I received a pretty black Avon branded paper bag, with a little, very small pink and black box, and it said Mega Effects Mascara. Well mascaras come in a long and slim box, not small and flat. Surprise one.

I was super intrigued so I opened the box, and there was inside something like a highlighter and not the normal mascara. You know as a woman in my late 20s I have used quite a lot of little tubes of the black magic. So this looked strange. Surprise two.

I started trying to open it. No twisting, no cap. You have to pull. And then… no brush! No brush people, but a small pink handle. So bizarre. Surprise three.

To be honest, and I know it might sound stupid, I was scared of breaking the little thing. So I put it back in the box and left it to explore in quiet. Later on I was meeting two of my guy-friends, who like gadgets, so I showed the box, and asked them to help me figure it out. The one took it out of the box wiggled it and said- ‘Well let’s look at the instructions!”. Surprise four!

This mascara came with instructions! So yeah we opened it and it was strange and new and interesting. It did look like a mascara, but not like the ones I have been using in the past two decades. So I did some research on got the info on it. It is revolutionary. Changing our make up habits and showing us there is always something new to expect.

But to be honest it is great. i have used it only once lightly for day make up, but with just two brushings you get long black eyelashes. I am going to play with it and try for dramatic lashes and see what happens. So far no flakes, no smudges. The only thing is that I am so used to using the Artistry  mascara that comes off without making any mess, this one makes me look like a panda bear when I am taking it off, like the normal mascaras.

Много рядко нещо може да ме изненада. Не, че няма нищо, което да ме изненада изобщ, но по-често, отколкото не, аз съм доста добре информирана  за нещата около мен. Особено, когато става въпрос за грим. Все пак прекарвам време и усилия, за да чета, гледа и да се запознавам с новости и готни иновации. Така че … AVON успяха да ме изненада. Преди няколко дни, получих черен плик брандиран с  Avon, с малка, много малка, розова и черна кутийка, на която пишеше Мега Effects Mascara. Е спиралите идват в дълга и тънка кутия, не е малка и плоска. Изненада едно!

Бях много заинтригувана затова отворих кутийкатаи вътре имаше нещо като маркер, а не на нормалната спирала. Като 28 годишна цена съм използвала доста малки тръбички черна магия. Така че това нещо в кутийката изглеждаше странно. Изненада две.

Започнах да се опитвам да го отвория. Нямаше как да го завъртя.  Трябваше да се издърпа. И тогава … не четка! Вътре нямаше четка, а една малка розова дръжка. Странно. Изненада три.

За да бъда честна, знам, че може да звучи глупаво, аз се страхувах да не счупя това малко нещо. Така че, го поставих братно в кутията и я оставих за проучване в тих и спокоен момент. По-късно се срещнах двама мои приятели, които обичат джаджи, така че им показах тази странна спирала и ги помолих да ми помогнат да я отворя. Единият я извади от кутията и яразмърда и каза: “Ами нека да разгледаме инструкцията!”.  Тази сприала идва с инструкция! Изненада четири!

И така с инструкцията отворихме магическата спирала. Определено не приличаше на спирала,която сте използвали през последните две десетилетия. Това е революционна нова спирала или поне начинът и на слагане върху миглите. Радвам се, че все още има иновативни марки, които се опитват да променят индустрията и нашите потребителски навици.

Пробвах спиралата само веднъж за лек дневен грим и съм много доволна. Не се размазва, слага се лесно, макар и да е странно да използваш плоска четка. Определено ще си поиграя с нея за по драматичен грим. Единственото нещо е, че съм свикнала да спиралата ми Artistry, която не се размазва, когато я премахвам вечер, така че, беше много странно когато започнах да свалам Avоn спиралата и се погледнах и приличах на панда. Но не може всичко да е перфектно, все пак Avоn са създали нещо много иновативно и екстравагантно. Смело е са се опиташ да смениш навиците на няколко поколения жени.

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Lenght and definition


I have done quite the legwork searching for the perfect mascara. I have tried everything from high end Dior and  YSL to drug store classics like L’Oreal and Rimmel. So far my all time favourite was the Diorshow, but since living in Bulgaria I am boycotting it because stores here sell it user-overpriced, I mean really. So my search for the amazing lash-bash led me to another new thing, which so far beats everyone else.

Artistry Lenght and Definition mascara is amazing! It is pricey indeed, but the quality is beyond expectations. It does not clump. It makes lashes fuller and longer. It does not smudge (even after hours and hours of staring at the computer and rubbing my eyes) and the most amazing of it all is when you decide to take it off.

Let’s talk about a normal evening routine of taking make up off- when the mascara time comes it is back to black all over the face, looking like a black-eyed panda. 🙂 With the Length and Definition mascara , there is not mess. The mascara comes in little flakes in your fingers when you wash your eyes and does not smudge or go in your eyes. Amazing! Have never ever seen anything like that, so I just got to share. Artistry mascara did impress me.
mascara artistry


It’s All About the Dior Lashes

Have ever had this moment in Sephora or another beauty store, when you go in and you know exactly what you want and there is not a single second thought about it. It doesn’t happen often, there are so many choices – brands, shades, products that your head usually spins. Especially me as a person who have trouble making choices (Gemini you know…)

I have been like that for everything. I envy the people who have found their scent, but I get too tired of the same perfume. Envy the people who have found their lipstick shade – well I need change! But there is one thing that is always the same – the lashes! I have tried probably every single mascara there is, or at least had a friend who has tried it and there is one that I have been using for years. (not even going to say the exact number of little black/silver tubes I have gone through, but it cannot fit on the fingers of both hands).

This magical product that I am addicted to and can recommend to probably everyone is Diorshow mascara, in black, not waterproof (bought the waterproof one, and it is proof indeed!)

It is amazing! The lashes are full and wonderful, it lasts until you need it to last, and the humongous brush makes it super easy to apply it. It truly makes the most of the lashes, and even as a person who has been blessed with long full lashes, I can’t even step of the house without it on.

So why I decided to share all that? Because the moment when you decide something better is out there, and that 25 Euro for mascara is too much. So I tried other stuff, but like a good addict it all let me back to Dior. Now I decided I should spread the secret, so everyone has an extra sparkle in their eyes. Maybe then the world will be a better place 🙂