New In: Urban Decay Smoky Palette



I am so excited! Like a child on Xmas eve! And to say that I do not have enough eyeshadows, will be softly put – a lie, but this palette is a must, need, obsession and I had to get it.

Why – because it is perfect combination of shades and textures into a single piece of beauty. It has 12 shades, 4 metallic shimmers, 4 dark satins and 4 lights mattes. It is more of a cool toned palette, and it is appropriate for a large varieties of looks – heavy smoky eyes, light shimmery looks, neutral no-makeup-make up matte looks and basically anything that you can think of. Compared to the previous 3 Naked palettes, I think this one has the largest variety in terms of possibilities for looks. And thus it is a great travel palette!


Много се вълнувам! Като дете на Коледа! А всъщност, ако се замисля, колко палитри и сенки за очи имам, ще излъжа ако кажа, че не са достатъчно. Но тази красота… като я видях трябваше да я имам!

Защо – ами, защото е перфекнтата комбинация от цветове и текстури, вкарани в една палитра. Има 12 цвята, като 4 са металически лъскави, 4 са тъмни сатенени и 4 са светли матови нюанси. По-скоро е в студената гама и може да се използва за най-различни визии – тъмни опушени очи, бронзова лятна визия или тотално естествена матова комбинация на  no makeup makeup. Общо взето каквото сърце ви иска, и можете да измислите, е възможно с тази палитра. Urban Decay Smoky дава много повече възможности за комбинации от предишните три Naked палитри и това я прави перфектната палитра за път.


Here are swatches of all the colors. The top row are in the shade, and the bottom row are on sunlight.

My fave shades are High – a very light pink gold metallic shimmer, Smolder – a dark satin plum with gray sheen to it, and Combust – a very light dusty pink, that is matte.


Ето суотчове на всички цветове в палитрата. Горният ред са на сянка, а долният ред са на слънце.

Любимите ми цветове са High – много бледо розово злато, Smolder – тъмно сатенено патладжанено с лек сив отблясък, and Combust – много светло розово, към пепел от рози, което е мат.


The packaging is very sturdy plastic, that is a bit see-through and there is smoke incorporated in the plastic. The palette comes with a double sided brush, that seems very good quality – one side is a pencil brush, and the other is a large blending brush.


Опаковката е пластмасова, но изглежда много стабилна. Цялата кутия е прозрачна, а вътре в пластмасата има дизайн на дим. Палтирата идва с двустранна четка, която изглежда доста качествена – от едната страна е молив-четка, а от другата четка за блендиране, която е доста голяма.

Let me know what you think? Do you think it is truly worth the hype? I am going to test it a bit more and see if my first impressions of its greatness are valid.


Какво мислите? Заслужава ли си шума около тази палитра? Ще я тествам, за да видя дали моите първи прекрасни впечатления ще се затвърдят.

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Splurge Time!


Time to show and tell!

I have decided that I have way too many clothes, and as I couldn’t clean my wardrobe efficiently this spring, I am refraining from clothes-shopping and adding up to the madness. But I cannot simply drop shopping, so I found my salvation in make up and accessories. I mean you can never ever have way to many necklaces, right?

The bug necklace from H&M caught my eye few months ago, but last time I was in the store I found one last piece of this necklace, and all the little sparkly insects were looking at me and screaming my name, so I just had to have it. I love that it is different, eclectic and a bit awkward and mixes silver, gold and pink metals with stones and pearls. Loves!!!



 Talking about cosmetics… I am in very spring mood – bold lips, tanned skin, bouncy curls. And as spring is time to experiment I am trying new things, that are a bit out of my comfort zone.

Hair: Trying to wear mine more down and curly. It is tough, as I am used to wear it up all the time. To tame the monstrosity of hair I am using the new Avon Advanced Techniques Smooth as Silk Serum. It smells good, makes my hair really shiny and frizz free and keeps the curls perfect.

Eyes: A thing that I reluctantly tried but absolutely adore is the Essence Eyeliner Pen, which is waterproof. So far I have been using only gel liner or pencil liner, as everything that is liquid turns into a disaster. The Essence Pen is super easy to use and gives you the perfection of a liquid liner with the ease of gel liner. Seriously good bang for your buck as well!

Brows: Again something new that I am trying – Catrice Eyebrow Filler. So far my eyebrows have been make up-less, but this gel filler makes wonders and is now part of my daily make up routine. It gives shape and makes my eyebrows tamed and combed, but still natural.20140521-214932.jpg

Lips: Find of the season! Golden Rose Velvet Matte #20. The perfect dark indulgent rich matte lipstick. It is long lasting as well, and does not leave marks. I have been wanting to try this lipstick for sometime now, even though I have always thought Golden Rose is cheapy cosmetics with not that much quality products, but this lipstick proves me wrong on so many levels. The color is pigmented and rich. The wear is easy. The finish is perfect matte. And it is steady on the lips for hours – no smudging, leaking or sticking. 20140521-214954.jpg

Face: And for the perfect tan I got me a bronzer. Lilly now carries Flormar cosmetics, so I got to try something else other than their nailpolish (which I love). I saw this marble baked bronzer #26 and it spoke my language. The combination of pinks, browns, oranges and grays is perfect for my complexion and gives me a healthy glow. I am a bit tan now, after a week at the sea, so this combination of colors enhances the tan, but does not make me look like painted over.


 What did you but last that was out of your comfort zone?

❤ Pet