Maria Queen Maria




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Миналата седмица бях поканена на откриването на новия бутик на MariaQueenMaria на бул Витоша 70  и съм много впечатлена, не само от страхотните авторски дизайни на дрехите, които ми напомнят на микс от авагардността на Margiela и МcQueen, но и от двете дизайнерки, които са прекрасни, луди и много мили дами. Много се радвам, че в България имаме подобни дизайнерски проекти и им пожелавам много успехи!


Last week I was invited for the opening party of the new botique of Maria Queen Maria.  I am very impressed with the great designs of the pieces, which remind me of a mix of the avant-gauarde style of Margiela and McQueen , but also with the two designers who are wonderful, quircky and kind ladies.  I am extremely happy that there are such design projects in Bulgaria and wish them all the best!
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Daphne Guinness Changes in McQueen in Front of Everybody

 On the night of the Met Gala, a longed talked about performance piece took place.

Daphne Guinness   got dressed for the Gala in a Barney’s Window. Kinda sounds bizarre, weird and a bit wtf. Why would you do that? And how would you do that without the whole world seeing thing you don’t really want them to see?

Well it was quite cool I must say. The whole theatricality of Ms. Guinness’ behavour, the lighting, the clean set up was quite a show. And of course the dress itself, was a masterpiece.

So yep, weird things happen, but exactly they make life interesting and fashion unpredictable.

This is the whole 7 minutes long performance piece. Enjoy!

The World Celebrates McQueen

After last week’s wedding there is one name that is circulating around the world. Alexander McQueen. Now it is time to look back at his legacy and the magnificent way in which he interpreted fashion and was able to create magic.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has dedicated an exhibit to that magic. A collection of the best of the best McQueen. Here are some images that are breath stopping, because they show the different techniques, styles,  textures that carry a single spirit- the spirit of Lee McQueen.

Images from Zimbio

Let’s Talk About Love!

I’m in absolute lust! My heart rate is up, I feel butterflies and I see these shoes even when I close my eyes! One word – gorgeous!!! McQueen is still a force! No doubt!
 €2,195 for these babies are the only reason they are not in my closet or on my feet (although they are too pretty to wear) 🙂