The Great Gatsby Amazingness

We went to see the Great Gatsby with the boy, and it is mesmerizing, visually amazing and breathtakingly beautiful. I am not going to talk about the directing or the story framing, or even the romance between Gatsby and Daisy. I am going to share three videos about the fashion collaborations in the movie, because if this movies is about anything it is about fashion – dresses, suites, ties, jewelry. It is amazing, especially in 3d!  If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it. It is worth it. Even just for the fashion.

Brooks Brothers for Gatsby

Prada for Daisy

Tiffany&Co for Everyone

Cloud Atlas

Най-готиния филм, който съм гледала напоследък. Гледах го два пъти на кино, нещо, което до сега не ми се беше случвало. Филм от ранга на Матрицата, който те отвежда в други светове и те кара да се замислиш за простичките, но така сложни неща, като любов, свобода, карма, човешки връзки и естествено за света, в който живеем. Определено трябва да се гледа. Поне веднъж.


The most amazing movie I gave seen this year.  I actually saw it twice in theater, something that has never happened. The movie is just like the Matrix, makes you transform you mind, to contemplate the simple complicate things like the life, love, karma, freedom and the world we live in. Definitely a must see. At least once!

Let’s get our nerd on!

There is about a year until this masterpiece hits the screens and I shall be waiting patiently until then. But seriously, how amazing does this movie look! The Hobbit will be the hit of the next Christmas season for sure!

Mirror, Mirror

I feel like I have been living in a little bubble and not being exposed to all the amazing cool new movies that are coming out. So quite obvious I have been so away from the hype of everything that is upcoming and cool and hence my amazement with the new Julia Roberts movie based on the Snow White story. I watched the trailer tonight for the first time and I am in awe!!

Oh the dresses, the actors, the fashion, the funny lines and did I mention the dresses? Definitely a must see!!! It is probably not going to be the brightest or funniest of movies, but definitely looks like something magnificently visually stimulating. And sometimes this is all a gal needs, a fairy tale and gorgeous fashion.

One Day

Being a very picky reader, who gets bored at page 50, it is very rare that I find a book that I read page to page in the matter of a couple of days. So whenever I find a book like this, it makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. Few days ago I finished David Nichols’ “One Day” and now I am more than looking forward to see the movie, featuring Anne Hathaway and  Jim Sturgess as Emma and Dexter.

The story is just wonderful – following the lives of two people, on the anniversary of the day they met. It follows the ups and downs, the complex relations between men and women, the wonderful times when you think you have found yourself, and the scary moments you are looking but nothing is in the horizon. Perhaps I am looking into it too deeply, or perhaps it speaks to my own life and story, but no matter what the reasoning behind my infatuation with the story, there is no doubt that it is wonderful!

Here is a glimpse of the trailer, for just a taste of the story. Haven’t seen it yet, but I do hope it is as good as the book!

MANGO’s “The Great Escape”

The fashion movies are on! After Karl Lagerfeld and Magnum Ice cream, now a fashion label is creating a mini movie.

Kate Moss & Terry Richardson tear through the streets of Paris in a new Mango ad.

To be honest, I kind of don’t get it. Yes, Kate Moss tries on some pretty MANGO clothes in that van… but  so what? The bigger question in my head though is why Kate Moss?! Since when is she the face of MANGO? What happened to Penelope?

The Social Network- “Facebook is like fashion. It never ends.”

Just saw the “Social Network” last night, and I really liked it. It is a bit sad that they did not put more emphasis on the actual Facebook and how much it has changed the way we communicate. But indeed the film was very very interesting.

My favourite part was when Mark Zuckerberg answered to the question when will Facebook be done with something like – It will never be done. It is like fashion. Fashion never ends.

This attitude is so true about how Facebook rolls, as they are changing and developing  it constantly. Currently the biggest change will be the new facebook groups and I am excited to see how it will work when it rolls out.

So in short- see the movie. You will not regret it.