Welcome to this world to Blue Ivy Carter

The gorgeous preganista Beyonce gave birth to her first child yesterday in New York. The little girl is called Blue Ivy  Carter* and was delivered in a privately rented wing (for 1.3 million in green) of Lenox Hill Hospital.

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z! May the little angel brigs them all the joy in the world!

Revised 9/1/12 *The initial report was that the baby-girl was called Ivy Blue, which is a cute name I must agree. But then today it became clear that the baby is named Blue Ivy. Come on now. Really, Beyonce?!?! Blue Ivy?!  Am I the only one catching a bit of a stripper vibe here?! There is an article that explains the meaning of the name on the Inquisitr , but still… Blue Ivy?!?

Want to be buddies with the Queen? Join her on Facebook!

How do you know you Facebook is the place to be? When even the HRH the Queen has a Facebook page!

Yes indeed, the Royal Monarchy are more than up to date with social media and online presence. After the Queen has already mastered the art of tweeting through the @BritishMonarchy account, Facebook is the next logical step for Her Highness.  The Huffington Post quoted an anonymous official who said: “The decision went right up to the Queen. If you are going to have an online presence in 2010, you just have to be on Facebook.” Way to go Elizabeth, dear!

The page is mainly used for updates and news from Buckingham, and so far has more than 275 people who “like” it. Unfortunately it is an official page, and not a personal one… so no, no pokes or direct messages.

News Songs, Song News, Funny Stuff

Warning: Be aware that after listening to the songs bellow they will be stuck in your head for days!

So recently I was introduced to the schmoyoho channel on YouTube. All their videos are hilarious, extra viral and made by very very talented people! Check my fave videos out…

Twitter Almighty- Conan Turns a Michigan Girl Into A Celeb

Due to the academic sprit that has been haunting my being in the past few weeks (due to the looming deadline of my dissertation proposal) I have been thinking of case studies, examples, anecdotes, happenings, and even mishappenings, that are connected with establishing a personal brand-self-celebrity status via the mighty means of social media. Or in a simple sentence- what does it take, to make it in Web 2.0?

Excitingly I will say- luck.

After much noise and trepidation, Conan O’Brien as many know is not without a show, or as his twitter bio says: “I had a show. Then I had a different show. Now I have a Twitter account.”

After a few funny, but kind of pointless tweets, Conan tweeted:

From this point on, indeed the life of Sarah Killen from Michigan, or @LovelyButton on Twitter has been dramatically changed. She now has over thirteen thousand, yes that is 13,000 followers on Twitter- compared to 3 (three) pre-Conan.

Sarah tweeted: @LovelyButton: everyone wants to know how many followers I had pre- Conan. The number you are looking for is 3. lol

So the outreach she could get expanded in more than a geometrical progression, which for a girl whose bio says: I love to smile and have fun in life. I think that anyone and anything can be forgiven and we should all just love and be” is great because we need more sunny and positive people to be heard and followed.

And not only this, because the number of followers is not precisely a measure of “making it”, Sarah is now on the MTV news. Watch the video at :

Her name is all over the news, YouTube and Twitter. And she was sent freebies (e.g. a mac computer) and perhaps a wedding dress by Kelima K.

Sarah being a sweetheart tweeted:

This is great. My little heart warms up that miracles like that happen, and a Tweet such as “Sarah likes Twizzlers and craves cantaloupe. I like Raisinets, but melon feels creepy in my mouth. Twitter pals 4 eva! :)” can change  someone’s life (perhaps for the better) forever.

This is the power of Twitter and social networking, it happens instantly, and brings avalanche-like results and consequences. Now everything Sarah says or does will be in the news. She interviewed with the LA Times telling her story. Conan created a phenomenon- a complete stranger, turned into celebrity for less than 24 hours. A well planned PR plot, or a sincere congeniality- the important thing is that one girl’s life in Michigan is being transformed.

And this is the power of Twitter. A Cinderella-like story, that is a great case study, hopefully it will be all for the best and would not turn into a farce. As for now l hope Sarah enjoys the situation, and keeps her positive outlook, no matter what happens in future.