Daily Obsession: La Mer Watches

Много ми харесват “овивните” часовници и си търся перфектното ново украшение за китката ми. Така попаднах на часовниците La Mer. Ей така, просто, без да искам… на pinterest най-прекрасните часовници са точно с тази марка. Сега гледам, избирам и се чудя кой е моят, защото всички са толкова различни. Ето топ селекцията ми 🙂


I am a fan of the wrap watches, and I am looking for the perfect jewel to beautify my wrist. So looking for a new watch, I stumbled upon the brand La Mer. Just like that, not intentionally… because on pinterest all the most wonderful watches that get my attention are with this brand. So now I am browsing the site and it is crazy, because all the watches are beautiful, different and unique on their own. Here is my top selection:

la mer multichain la mer watch 1
la mer watch12 la mer watch kenyan wrap watch la mer


Daily Obsession: Daisy Jewelry

daisy jewelry 3 daisy jewelry 6 daisy jewelry


Абсолютно съм пленена от  Daisy Jewelry и техните гривни с чакри, пръстени, колиета и всякакви забавни и интересни накити. Вече имам поне две гривни и няколко различни колиета в wishlist-а ми. 🙂


Absolutely fell in love with Daisy Jewelry and their fab chackra braselets, stacking rings, halo necklaces and all kinds of fun and quicrky pieces!  Already have a couple of bracelets and several necklaces on my wishlist.



Daily Bag Obsession: PS1

 PS1 is my ultimate obsession these days. And by ultimate obsession I have the definition that it is something that if it comes deliver to my door tomorrow, I will cry with joy. There are few things in the world that actually have that power.  I am pretty sure the PS1 is one of them, though. It is the perfect bag, simple, classy, spacious and comes in every color possible!!! The rich royal blue is so fab for fall.