Plus Style: Magenta and Sunshine

I have decided to start a new section on the blog dedicated to style. As a plus-size girl I have struggled all my life to find clothes that fit, styles that look good and confidence to show off the ones I have found. Lately I am getting to terms that style and beauty do not have size, and feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. So I will try to show you my style, and what looks good on my frame. My fashion choices are eclectic, mixture between boho and business, trying to be grown up.

My first style post is focused on my favourite summer dress that I got from Mango. I love it for the hot summer days, as it is very light and airy. As the color is vibrant enough, I like styling it with simple accessories – silver hoop earrings, white shoes, and my Bogdanin Brothers purse. To brake the all one color vibe, I choose a little polka-dotted scarf to tie around my wrist. The pictures were taken on a very very sunny day, so of course sunglasses were mandatory – these are my Alexander Wang X H&M shades.


Решила съм да направя нова рубрика в блога, която е посветена на стил и мода. И.. изненада, в която се показвам аз. Като plus-size жена, цял живот се боря с това, какво изглежда добре, какво ми става и имам ли достатъчно самочувствие да се покажа в това, което съм намерила. Напоследък все повече и повече осъзнавам, че красотата няма размер и това да имаш стил не изисква предпоставка да си размер 0. За това, реших да споделям своя стил – сравнително семпъл, еклектична смесица между бохо и бизнес, опитващ се да е подходящ за пораснало момиче.

И така първият ми пост е цветен и слънчев. Реших да си покажа новата розова рокля Mango,  която обожавам за горещите летни дни, защото е лека и ефирна. Тъй като тя самата е достатъчно искряща и цикламена, я комбинирам със семпли аксесоари – обеци халки, бели обувки и чанта на Bogdanin Brothers. За да разнообразя малко цветoвете използвам малко шалче на точки вързано на китката ми. Слънцето бе жарко, за това няма как да пропуснем и слънчевите очила –  Alexander Wang X H&M shades.
IMG_9297_Fotor IMG_9299_FotorIMG_9351_Fotor  IMG_9309_Fotor IMG_9363_Fotor IMG_9380_Fotor IMG_9389_Fotor IMG_9397_Fotor



Dress: Mango,

Shoes: H&M, similar here

Earrings: Argento Vivo

Bag: Bogdanin Brothers

Sunglasses: Alexander Wang X H&M shades.

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Sincere thanks and hugs to my best friend Pesho for the pictures and the patience! ❤

My Home

This is signed in the the Guinness Records as the tallest statue of the Virgin Mary in the world.

The clock where everyone meets at 9pm.

I have had a ton of people ask me where I am from… and as I have been living in different cities on different continents in the past few years I have had many homes… but there is one place that I call home home. It is a small lovely town, in the heart of a small lovely country. Haskovo, Bulgaria.

To be honest I am not the biggest fan of my town, I have left it long time ago in search of something that is bigger, better and perhaps more cosmopolitan, and yes, I have lived in two of the greatest capitals of the world, and I have quite enjoyed my time there! But in my heart and soul this little place is what I call home. It is where I grew up, where I go when I need a hug from my mom, and where I have met some of my most amazing and true friends. It is home.

The Facebook page that has been created has amazing pictures from the town. To be completely honest it does not look like this when you walk on the street, but beauty in photography is to be appreciated. These gorgeous photos do give me chills when I am away from home, and make me a bit homesick.