photo shoot

Karlie in True Blue for Vogue Australia

 Karlie is magnificent in this shoot for Vogue Australia. Shot by  Kai Z Feng and styled by fashion editor Naomi Smith,  in this stunning and sultry tale, Karlie wears some of the most gorgeous fashions of the season. Beautiful!

In  Alexander McQueen

 In MaryKatrantzou

 In Chanel

In Louis Vuitton


Scandalous! Glee for GQ

Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, and Cory Monteith a.k.a. Rachel, Quinn and Finn from Glee posed for a spread in GQ shot by Terry Richardson. The images created quite a stir!


In my opinion Diana and Cory look fine in all the pictures and Lea is completely going overboard on the sexy.

Look at the full spread at GQ and share your thoughts… is it ok because it is GQ and both actresses are 24 years old or is completely out of all propriety because they portray high-schoolers and the photoshoot is in a school?

The Huffington post created a survey about people opinions and it is quite divided: