Vogue in Brazil just posted some wonderful images from the July issue.  The editorial featuring one of my favourite ladies Karile Kloss called –“Brazilian Treatment”—a ten-page portfolio shot by Mario Testino for Vogue in celebration of all things sun and spa, is simply gorgeous. Some of the images are breath taking. This is what happens when you combine one of the best photographers with one of the best models on a wonderfully gorgeous piece of land.


A Sacred Place in Pictures: Coco’s Apartment

Some people go to Kaaba, some go to Jerusalem, and for some there is 31 Rue Cambon. With the risk of being sacrilegious, this address sounds to me like one of the most coveted and sacred places in the world, not only in fashion. I was in awe today for quite some time when I saw the last post by The Coveteur – Coco’s Apartment. The post is amazing, it shares so much, not only beautiful imagery, but also insights from the life of Gabrielle Chanel, her superstitious nature and the symbolism in her home, the furniture she designed, the little nooks and corners of the apartment and the endless bookshelves with dark red leather-bound books. Here are some of the images, but definitely make sure to visit the Coveteur to read the whole experience.



 The Staircase with the Mirrors!!!

Custom made crystal chandelier. Can you spot the number 5?

Suede sofa designed by Coco herself.

Coco’s Desk

Wheat – symbol of prosperity and source of inspiratio for Karl’s SS2010 collection.

The iconic white chair and the mirror that was inspiration for the cap of Chanel N5.

Amazing, isn’t it? Nothing similar to the black and white, very clean shaped stylistic of her brand, but in the same time very meaningful and revealing of the nature and character of the most famous woman in fashion.

Photos from The Coveteur 

Welcome to the Mulberry Candyshop


Mulberry Spring/Summer 2012

The campaign reminds me of that 50Cent song meet Dr Seuss book.

Shot by the photographer Tim Walker, with models Frida Gustavsson & Lindsey Wixson

NYC Love: Karlie Kloss for Free People

I love everything from the URBN Inc group and Free People is not an exception. The brand is fresh and the style is cool and vintage-inspired. So when you combine one of my favourite faces from the modleing world – Karlie Kloss, take gorgous Free People outfits and style everything perfectly, with a backdrop nowhere else but the Big Apple, no wonder the SS2012 catalog is worth sharing!

The photographer is also worth noting. Guy Aroch is someone I just discovered and am mesmerized by some of his work. It is all very whimsical and the light is so warm and soft.

In short – great campaign for Free People. Gorgeous shots. Can we go to NYC now?

      Pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue

Very Happy Merry Christmas!

 On this wonderful day they say all wishes come true! So I wish health, wealth and happiness to all! (Something like peace on Earth, but in a milder form) 🙂 May all your wishes come true indeed and let the Christmas joy fill your hearts all year long. Because people should be good not only on 25th December, but always. Always indeed.

Happy Merry Christmas!

Photo Pinterest

Family Portrait by Dolce&Gabbana

If only all families looked like this. And if only all Sunday mornings could be this amazing.

The new campaign for Dolce and Gabbana for SS 2012 has a beautifully traditional vibe, with a hint of sexy Sicilian hotness. Monica Bellucci and Bianca Balti are the matriarchs in the colourful campaign slides for the Italian brand shot by Giampaolo Sgura. Gorgeous. Isn’t it???

I wish it was summer and I was in Sicily, wearing a lacy fabulous gown just looking at the photos.

    Source Fashion Gone Rogue

Wild Wildfox West

Remember last years’ collection of Wildfox? The look book was a-mazing! This winters Wildfox SS catalog is also something worth noting. Even Gowgirls get the Blues is more somber, but with the same spark and bit of fun that Wildfox is known for. Some of the tees are honestly worth salivating for!

     For rest of the lookbook check out at Wildfox.


The Dreamteam- Gaga and Annie for VF

 Gaga is on the cover of Vanity Fair, and as alsways this means that there is an amazingly amazing photoshoot to follow by Annie Leibovitz. Styled by Nicola Formichetti Gaga embodies different types personalities from serene and natural, to glam and aristocratic, to diva in the city. Of course there is a nude frame, but what else do you expect when you get Annie and Gaga together.

The article is deeper than I expected, perhaps because somehow I can identify with certain parts. Anyhow, it will be a great issue for VF and of course it shows that Lady Gaga hasn’t lost her bang.


For the Love of Zoe

I am a Zoe-holic, and I am not afraid to admit it. Absolutely love Rachel, her style, her drive and her bit of eccentricity. I am watching her show religiously, and deep down wish she would be my best friend. So you can only imagine my excitement when the Coveteur’s last adventures were in her headquarters.  The pictures are amazing, as always on the Coveteur, but RZ’s HQ is what fashion heaven will look like if it excised on earth. Tons of everything, beautifully organized and color-coded. Heaven!

Pictures: The Coveteur 


A Tribute to Beauty (by Avedon)




 Princess Ira Von Furstenburg



I have been thinking lately  about beauty and what is extraordinaire. As I have mentioned before I am a huge Richard Avedon fan and I think he is one of the people able to caption beauty in the best possible way- straight forward, black and white with a bit of sparkle. The most beautiful women (above) seem so natural and wonderfully calm and real, through the lens of a genius.