Rihanna and Damien Hirst for the 25th Anniversary Assue of British GQ






What do you think- hot or not?

Damien Hirst does some weird and crazy art pieces, but with the queen of crazy weird fashion Rihanna, they are teaming up to create a naked Medusa-like-snake-licking-long -legged- fashion cover girl. I am kinda weirdly infatuated with this photo session, although it is a bit creepy, just like with all Damien Hirst art. It is quite Haloween-y, suitable for the out date of the 31october.

All photos are from GQ at

Coco Rocha for Longchamp

Coco Rocha is sensational for the new spring/summer 2012 campaign for Longchamp. I love that the whole urban summer topic is a continuous trend this season. (remember  Karlie Kloss for Free People campaign?) Absolutely love the idea behind the video above, it is so happy and lighthearted. The photos for the campaign are also fabulous. The grace and poise in Coco’s posing are perhaps not the most present elements, but there is a great sense of humour and more than one wink in the photos. Just gotta love it!



It’s a Hathaway Day

Anne Hathaway is one of my fave celebs. She is natural, funny and carries some kind of spark that is very hard to define. So first thing today, when going through my google reader I saw a wonderful photo session, Anne had for Interview Mag. It is gorgeous, exquisite, a bit goth, but very powerful imagery. I love the sinister and very dramatic set, with the lace and feathers, and of course the dark nails and makeup juxtapositioned with the white skin. It is simply gorgeous.

So I kept on reading stuff and there goes another Anne Hathaway piece. A youtube clip from a couple of days ago featuring Anne rapping away. It is hilarious! So there you go – from an angelic goth-like amazing photoshoot to being fun and crazy in the style of lil’Wayne.

My First Paris




So, finally, I made it to Paris. After all I have heard, watched, been told, read, and so on and so on, I actually experienced it. And it is simply fabulous! My tour was way too touristic for my liking, but it included a carousel, get together with an old friend, a fantastic birthday on the Eifel Tower, meeting an acquaintance I have not seen for 7 years in the metro in Paris, randomly, and many many other moments of joy and exhaustion, exhilaration and foot-pain. Glorious few days, with even more glorious pictures! 

Note: All pictures are taken by my best friend, and I do not claim any amazing photographic skills for myself.

Beauty from Tumblr: It’s Spring Time

I can write pages about how much joy the peeps who I follow on my tumblr bring me.  All I can do is share some of the gorgeous photos. Spring has sprung, and it is mote beautiful than ever! There is nothing better than some greenery, flowers and sun, after a long gray cold winter!

My Home

This is signed in the the Guinness Records as the tallest statue of the Virgin Mary in the world.

The clock where everyone meets at 9pm.

I have had a ton of people ask me where I am from… and as I have been living in different cities on different continents in the past few years I have had many homes… but there is one place that I call home home. It is a small lovely town, in the heart of a small lovely country. Haskovo, Bulgaria.

To be honest I am not the biggest fan of my town, I have left it long time ago in search of something that is bigger, better and perhaps more cosmopolitan, and yes, I have lived in two of the greatest capitals of the world, and I have quite enjoyed my time there! But in my heart and soul this little place is what I call home. It is where I grew up, where I go when I need a hug from my mom, and where I have met some of my most amazing and true friends. It is home.

The Facebook page that has been created has amazing pictures from the town. To be completely honest it does not look like this when you walk on the street, but beauty in photography is to be appreciated. These gorgeous photos do give me chills when I am away from home, and make me a bit homesick.