The Postsecret Essence

I have written and talked a lot about PostSecret. But this video actually explains why I am so much in love with the project!


The Mobile Life of Secrets

I have admitted my love affair with postsecret here before, so it is no surprise I am so excited and would share the news about the app that postsecret is launching this weekend. From now on the secrets will be accessible everywhere and people will be able to submit them via their mobile device. My only fear is that this easy access to the site and to submitting secrets will be playing a negative role in the depth and power of the secrets. The cards so far have been something that is very personal, you make it, create it, post it and wait eagerly  for it to be published. So I only hope the thrill and creativity hangs on in the mobile version.

PostSecret Love

I have been in an affair with PostSecret since forever… perhaps since the blog started in 2005. I was a freshman in college and it was one of the biggest hits in the online world at the time. All college kids loved it! Then I wrote an essay, which got published in a book titled The Authors of Tomorrow about postsecret. I own some of the books and have been to an exhibit in an art gallery. And still every sunday it is one of my little rituals that I flip through the blog for 5 minutes (sometimes more). That is one very long affair, I guess.

For those who have never heard about postsecret, and yes, believe it or not there are still some of you, the official definition is that it is an ongoing community mail art project, created by Frank Warren, in which people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard. Select secrets are then posted on the PostSecret website, or used for PostSecret’s books or museum exhibits.

So PostSecret is like a religion, because it gives you that ultimate feeling that you belong. Belonging that is in the form of – there are so many other people who read it, there are so many other people who write these beautiful postracrds, and there are so many other people who share your secrets. It definitely makes the world a tad bit less scary. And although that sounds a bit emotional this is how it feels. I have cried and laughed while reading some of the secrets, and wtf-ed at some of them, and shared them with friends,  and I know that every sunday I will open it, it will be emotional.

The best part of the whole thing is when you see a postcard, with a message that talks to you, and shares exactly how you feel, have felt or think you will feel. It is a magical online little place 🙂

Images are from first week of June