White Lace Dresses

I don’t know whether it is because we are already planning our wedding or just because summer is just around the corner, but I am adoring right now white, lace midi-lenght dresses. I cannot help myself but share some of the best ones I have found on ASOS here.


Не знам дали е заради сватбата, която вече усилено планираме или защото лятото наближава, но в момента обожавам бели, дантелени рокли с дължина до коляното. Няма как да се сдържа и да не споделя тук любимите си, които намерих в ASOS.image1xl

ASOS Premium Midi Skater Dress with Daisy Appliques

image1xl (1)

ASOS Wiggle Dress in Linen Crochet Lace


ASOS TALL Scallop Lace Edge Midi Dress

image4xl (1)

Jarlo Hartley Lace Midi Dress With Plunge Neckline

image4xl (2)

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Midi Dress In Lace With Short Sleeves

image4xl (3)

True Decadence Textured Midi Prom Dress with Full Skirt

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New pretty thing

The other day I woke up with the urge to go to Магазин Ключ and get me something pretty. And not just something, I wanted a rough long necklace to pair up with blazers and sneakers. So as always the wonderful lady in the store completely took me into a whirlpool of amazing handmade prettiness, but as I was a tight budget some of the things fell out of the choice pool, but then I saw it… I’m in love with the roughness, simplicity and edge of my new necklace. Sad but true I cannot remember the name of the artist, but I am definitely going to ask again. So here is the pretty, if you haven’t been to Магазин Ключ, it is in Sofia on Karnigradska and Tsar Asen streets.

Миналия ден се събудих с огромното желание да отида е Магазин Ключ и да си купя нещо ново, прекрасно и леко грубо, което да отива на сако, дънки и кецове. Както винаги в малкото магазинче супер любезната дама ме зари с предложения, кое от кое по-чудесни. Тъй като бях на бюджет, някои от предложенията отпаднаха автоматично, но тогава видях чудесното ми герданче, което крещеше името ми. Дълго, грубовато, но простичко ръчно изработено и точно това, което исках. Много ми е тъжно, че не запомних името на автора но ще попитам следващия път като съм в Ключ. А ако вие ме сте ходили, горещо го препоръчвам! Намира се в София на ул Кърниградска и Цар Асен.

Beauty from Tumblr: Style Focus on Shabby Chic


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Beauty from Tumblr: Omg! Shoes!

It is time to chill, put the weekend shoes on and have fun! The beauty from my Tumblr today is all about shoes!


And this is what heaven looks like 🙂

Time for Something Pretty and Sweet

You know when you decide to go on a cleanse, and then all the ferocious cravings just cripple in your mind, and there are little things that you miss, want, need, and badly fantasize about? That time is kind of now for me, as yes it is time for spring body cleanse AND there is one thing that I miss, Oh so much… cupcakes!

Cupcakes are the little gourmet trend that I am a devoted follower to. I can give 6-7 dollars for a cupcake and it will be well worth the three bites. The sad thing is that I haven’t found the perfect bakery here that make real cupcakes, so perhaps I should think about a new venture. But down memory lane there are so many good cupcake times…

Love at first bite (and still my favourite in the whole wide world) was Hello Cupcake on Dupont Circle in DC. The favourite one there – heart of darkness. (I have been told it is made for me 🙂 ) But it is heaven-sent!

Then there came Hummingbird Bakery in Soho, when I lived in London. Ohm the red velvet is divine!

And then of course, when I was back in DC, I discovered the now so very famous Georgetown Cupcake (which are not THAT amazing, but still pretty darn good).

So while reminiscing about the amazingness the cupcakes provide to the taste buds, I decided to look for a little visual on tumblr. And oh boy, what a gallery there is…  that is another great thing about cupcakes – they soooo pretty!!! So here is my little sweet  slideshow (plus a couple of shots of my own cupcake- archives) 🙂

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