Rihanna for River Island: Flop or Not



river island rihanna collection

Rihanna’s Collection for River Island is on and good to go! Ready for pre-order now, so we can see all the pieces that the songstress designed with the high street retailer. In all the ads and photo shoots with RiRi it looks quite luxurious. But when you go and actually browse through the pieces there is nothing that is quite that amazing, except maybe the tuxedo dress. Everything else is cropped tanks, pencil skirts and weird patterns and textures, including a faux fur trapper hat. (Seriously!?!) Rihanna has some crazy style and it looks great on her, it is just not my cup of tea when it comes to filling up my wardrobe, I guess. But then I am curious whether it is not going to go on sale pretty soon, just like the Kardashian Collection for Dorothy Perkins did. After all having a great style does not really mean that you can design clothes. Especially great looking, wearable clothes.  c20132210-rihanna-winter-aso-650

This is the one pretty great piece:

river island rihanna collection 1 river island rihanna collection 2

Rihanna and Damien Hirst for the 25th Anniversary Assue of British GQ






What do you think- hot or not?

Damien Hirst does some weird and crazy art pieces, but with the queen of crazy weird fashion Rihanna, they are teaming up to create a naked Medusa-like-snake-licking-long -legged- fashion cover girl. I am kinda weirdly infatuated with this photo session, although it is a bit creepy, just like with all Damien Hirst art. It is quite Haloween-y, suitable for the out date of the 31october.

All photos are from GQ at http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/girls/gq-girls/rihanna-damien-hirst-gq-cover-pictures

The Song in My Head Today… and for the past few weeks

I rarely post songs, but this one has been an earworm forever, so I just had to share it in the blog… for my records 🙂

Plus the fashion in the video is so trashy and wonderful that I just wish I could wear a denim short skirt ensemble with tigh-high socks and sneakers. Too bad Sofia is not the place for trash fash and Jeremy Scott Spring 2012 would not be appreciated in the right way.  🙂

New Rihanna…. and Avril?

Rihanna’s new vid is out. It’s Cheers (Drink to That), the third track from her last album Loud .

The video is cool! I am a big fan of music videos from real life settings travel, concerts, fan meet-ups… It just seems so real and makes the “stars” from the glossy videos a bit more reachable and human. And of course in this video we can see all the different hairstyles the blogosphere has been writing about, as well as the high-waisted hot pants. Hot or not?

However on a first listen, there was something that bothered me in the song. The “Yeah Yeah” part after each verse was very familiar, and I realized with the help of google that it is Avril Lavigne’s song  ‘”I’m with You”.  Check out Avriln’s video after 2:21. So my most normal question is – is it ripped off or is it a collaboration? I’m pretty sure Avril is in Rihanna’s video, above, but hell… if you put a key phrase from someone else’s song, quote them in the title! It’s not that hard!


Nivea on a California King Bed

Rihanna is the face of Nivea for the brand’s 100th birthday, and her new song is the background of the Nivea ad. The ad is really touching, as the little blue tin full of Nivea magic has truly been there all our lives. I remember being super young and my mom using the Nivea creme, so now it is really iconic to me. The smell brings my childhood memories, and really the ad is playing on these emotional strings.

Rihanna’s song is as touchy and cheezy as the ad, but hey it really works! Way to go celebrity endorsement! Or quoting the press –

“Over the past 100 years, NIVEA has become an iconic brand thanks to our loyal consumers.  For our centennial, we are partnering with another icon, global music sensation, Rihanna. Her voice will help us bring NIVEA’s 100th anniversary celebration to fans all around the world.  As a sponsor of Rihanna’s US & European tour we will bring NIVEA closer to the next generation of consumers through various exciting initiatives in the coming months.”


Let’s talk about the hair-trend of this season – shoulder length, natural curls…

I have already talked that I love the hairdo that RiRi is spotting in Only Girl (in the World) video. Even the color is fab!

And as I am a huge fan on ANTM, I have noticed that Tyra is rocking all season very similar hairdo. Looks very natural and relaxed. As I am looking for a hair-change ideas, that will reflect the current life-changes that I am trying to implement I am actually considering chopping my almost waist long curls to freshen up and see what happens. What do you think? I definitely love!


New Amazingness: Rihanna and Eminem’s Sequel

I just found out that Rihanna and Eminem have a new song together, a sequel for Love The Way You Lie, that will be in Rihanna’s new album Loud.

I found the song on YouTube and although it is not the best quality it is worth a listen. The lyrics are spot on, and although a bit slower from the original it still carries a potent message and imagery.

‘Cause you feed me fables from your hand
With violent words and empty threats
And it’s sick that all these battles
Are what keeps me satisfied

PS: I am not going to say “we’ve all been there”, because sure I hope that is not true, but I have. Abusive relationships – be it mentally or physically abusive, are destructive. I have never been happier to be single, and realize I do not love the way you lie, I never want to be lied to again. We should not be masochists, pain is not always good. Get away.




Rihanna Tamed in Floral

Continuing on the thought about Rihanna’s change of image.. She was rocking a Jean Paul Gaultier floral frock  and nude Louboutin pumps at the signing of her book at Barnes and Nobel in New York. She looks amazing, classy and fresh. Go RiRi!