Hats! Hats! Hats!

I love streetstyle blogs! They are such an inspiration and a window to the world. Lately I have been noticing a trend for the summer… It is all about the hat. Simple. Straw. Fedora. Cloth. Fab! They are such a great accessory for all ladies who can pull it off, and don’t let the hat take over. I am starting to contemplate my next purchase now…









The Sartorialist


Sofia street style


7 minutes of Bliss with the Sartorialist

Only three words- Inspiring. Brilliant. Amazing.

The Sartorialist, or the man behind the fantastic blog- Scott Schumann, is sharing pieces of his vision and everyday life.

I’m in awe with the guy, and have been for years now… and honestly would love to meet him one day to tell him how great he is, not because his blog is one of the most read on the web, but because he has a magnificent way to see the beauty in the everyday prosaic world, and thorough his lens to create an imagery that is truly inspiring.