Hot or Not?

George Clooney is in a bank ad, these days, promoting savings. The story is a bt awkward and definitely unrealistic. Perhaps that’s the point. But seriously… not funny, not that cute, and definitely not making me save more. There is a buzz around,  that he said he will never ever marry again, so he agreed to this ad for shits and giggles.

It reminds me of the Uma Thruman Schweppes ad, that is basically the same – a blah featuring a celeb. Having famous people definitely works wonders for the virality of the ads, but the creatives should put some more creativity in the story and the copy. I have always wondered how you go and pitch that script to the celebs….

Disastrous- Schweppes and Uma

So you’ve seen it. And I have only three things to ask-

Who the f@ck think of this ad or even better what was the agency thinking?!

How did Schweppes in their right mind approve it?

Andy why did Uma agree to participate in this thing, after she read the copy?!

And I ain’t kidding! These three questions completely sum up my disbelief… oh and not even going to mention the styling.. why? of why?