5 Въпроса с PetPanda: Gio Diev


Джио Методиев –  човекът, който стои зад един от най-успешните фешън брандове  в момента – GIO DIEV, се съгласи да отговори на моите пет въпроса. Имам удоволствието да сме се запознавали лично и мога да кажа, че Джио е един от най-позитивните, енергични и космополитни хора, които съм срещала, а в същото време ми направи впечатление, колко е земен и нормален, неочаквано дори.Много ми е приятно да ви срещна, макар и виртуално, с човек, който е постигнал много, създава красота всеки ден и може да се похвали, че Мадона е носила негови творения. Ако трябва да говорим за човек, който е превърнал мечтите в реалност – това е Джио.


Gio Metodiev – the person behind one of the most successful fashion brands lately – GIO DIEV, kindly agreed to answer my five questions. I am lucky to have met Gio and person, and can say that he is one of the most positive, energetic and worldly people I have met, what is even more impressive is that he is so very down to earth and normal, beyond belief. It is a pleasure, to intorduce to you, be it just virtually, a person who has achieved a whole lot, who creates beauty everyday and can proudly say that Madonna has worn his shoes. If there is a person, who has made dreams come true – it is Gio.


Как започна да правиш това, което правиш?

Аз съм прекарал цялата си кариера в модния бизнес. Обувките са ми били винаги голяма страст и един ден реших, че е време да превърна моето хоби в моя професия. Чиракувах в италианска фабрика за обувки, което ме подготви да създам моята колекция и да тръгна по моя път, като дизайнер на обувки.


How did you start doing what you do?

My whole career I have been in the fashion business. And my big passion was shoes, so one day I decided to turn my hobby into my profession. I was an apprentice in an Italian shoe factory, and that experience prepared me to create my collection and to start going along my path as a shoe designer.


Какво те вдъхновява?

Нямам рецепта за вдъхновение. То идва от най-различни места. Аз имам много любопитно съзнание и постоянно се интересувам от нови архитекти, филми и всякакви хора на изкуството. Именно те ме зареждат с идеи и вдъхновяват да създавам.


What inspires you?

I do not have a recipe for inspiration. It comes from various places. I have a very curious consciousness and constantly find new architecture, movies and art people, they inspire me and charge me with new ideas.


Какво искаш?

Да съм щастлив, да продължавам да създавам, да съм креативна личност, да имам тази жажда за работа и живеене, която ме е съпътствала до сега.


What do you want?

To be happy, to keep on making things, to be a creative persona, to have the desire for work and life, which has been within me until now.


Какво е успех за теб?

Светът да признава моето изкуство и да виждам все повече жени в моите обувки.


What does success mean to you?

For the world to recognise my art and to see even more women wearing my shoes.


Какво е най-страхотното нещо което ти се е случвало?

Моментът, в който Мадона обу моите обувки.


What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

The moment, when Madonna wore my shoes.


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Madonna photo source: here
All other photos courtesy of Gio Diev

OMG Shoes! Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2013

These shoes are so much fun! They are like little gems that make you smile and warm your soul up!

The full collection at

OMG Shoes! Brian Atwood Spring Summer 2013

Let’s talk about neons and color! Brian Atwood gives shoes that will make us never get lost in the crowd!

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Louboutin’s Paris Campaign

Как няма да се влюбиш в Louboutin и Париж след като видиш това? Страхотна кампания!


How can you not fall in love with Louboutins and Paris after seeing this? Amazing campaign- Autumn/ Winter 2012 Look Book Imagery!

Location: Trocadéro. Paris, France
Photographer: Peter Lippmann

Location: Notre Dame, Paris France
Photographer: Peter Lippmann
Shoes: Love Me Glitter

Location: Pont Alexandre III, Paris France
Photographer: Peter Lippmann
Shoes: Indies

Location: Concorde, Paris France
Photographer: Peter Lippmann
Shoes: Col Zippe (Purple

Location: Chimères, Paris France
Photographer: Peter Lippmann
Shoes: Lady Peep Spikes 150mm

Images courtesy of Christian Louboutin Facebook Fanpage 

Aldo: In Sofia Already!

So guess who also came to town quietly this weekend?!? Aldo! The Canadian shoe retailer landed in our capital this weekend, and unlike another very glamorous and talked-about event gathered almost no attention. The three billboards around downtown were the only attention-catching medium. Almost no press, no noise, no big massive opening, no blogers invited? Dear Aldo peeps, work on your PR folks, change of staff, perhaps?! Definitely wrong timing though, but still… Aldo is in Sofia. Fact.

Anyways, my excitement is not exactly flying off the rooftop, but still can’t wait to check the store out in the next couple of days. Hope the prices are descent, because the shoes are pretty cute. I am curious how the store will be positioned, because in the US/UK it is nothing very fancy or expensive. Or as they say on their site “ALDO is dedicated to bringing you both quality and cutting-edge trends at affordable prices”. We shall only see how affordable they are here. Stay tuned for the post after the Aldo-venture! 

OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 2: Chunky Heels

After the wedges  the other day, there is one more trend with shoes for spring that makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. The chunky heel. Although sky-high, these beauties are comfy and give you that hard-core chick vibe that I so love. Can be dressed up or down, but most of all, make your legs go forever. Absolutely love the 60’s trend in chunky heels, and cannot wait for the H&M opening to get my hands on some of their new collection pieces!





 Alexander Wang

 Michael Kors

OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 1: Wedges

Spring is coming, and I am daydreaming for the time I will throw the warm winter boots away and will be able to liberate my ankles and put to use all my other wonderful shoes, sandals, flats, and all the rest that make my feet happy.

So in a hopeful browse on the web for spring trends I am so very excited that this spring there will be new heights. Throw the painful stilettos away, and dive in the world of comfy, yet gorgeous shoes. The Wedges! I am not a huge high heel wearer ( I just lust over them and buy them, but rarely put them on, because my feet and heels don’t get along too well), but I die for a good wedge! They are way more comfortable, less painful and in my opinion cooler than stilettos. Here are some of the faves, I am salivating over…







Yves Saint Laurent

Sexy, Shocking, Seductive

Absolutely love the short look book type videos lately. (remember the Alexander Wang from last week?) This week I am loving Biran Atwood Sexy, Shocking, Seductive video promo for the resort collection. It is very very cool and sexy. Reminds me of a music video more than a shoe ad. Rock on!