New pretty thing

The other day I woke up with the urge to go to Магазин Ключ and get me something pretty. And not just something, I wanted a rough long necklace to pair up with blazers and sneakers. So as always the wonderful lady in the store completely took me into a whirlpool of amazing handmade prettiness, but as I was a tight budget some of the things fell out of the choice pool, but then I saw it… I’m in love with the roughness, simplicity and edge of my new necklace. Sad but true I cannot remember the name of the artist, but I am definitely going to ask again. So here is the pretty, if you haven’t been to Магазин Ключ, it is in Sofia on Karnigradska and Tsar Asen streets.

Миналия ден се събудих с огромното желание да отида е Магазин Ключ и да си купя нещо ново, прекрасно и леко грубо, което да отива на сако, дънки и кецове. Както винаги в малкото магазинче супер любезната дама ме зари с предложения, кое от кое по-чудесни. Тъй като бях на бюджет, някои от предложенията отпаднаха автоматично, но тогава видях чудесното ми герданче, което крещеше името ми. Дълго, грубовато, но простичко ръчно изработено и точно това, което исках. Много ми е тъжно, че не запомних името на автора но ще попитам следващия път като съм в Ключ. А ако вие ме сте ходили, горещо го препоръчвам! Намира се в София на ул Кърниградска и Цар Асен.

Etsy’s Treasures: Beautiful Necklaces

I really love There are so many little gems there. I wrote about gorgeous necklaces sometime ago, and today again I found a wonderful shop that i find amazing! Ringostone’s jewelry really reminds me of Tiffany’s , it is simple, exquisite and stylish. And oh.. did i mention super cheap! All necklaces I fell in love with are below 20 dollars, which is insane. These are some of the pieces I die for, make suer you visit  Ringostone to see a bunch of other pretty, shiny things!

Orchid Flowers Necklace

Vintage style key necklace 

Simple square double chain necklace 

Simple square pipe double chain necklace

A New Way to Shop and Share –

Google Almighty is definitely in on many trends, but to be honest I never thought fashion will be one of big G’s strengths… until last night I read on the Google Blog that they are launching, I was definitely underwhelmed until I actually went to the site and spent an hour or so exploring this amazingness.

The site is great! It is a mixture between Net-a-Porter, personal shopper, Twitter and Red Carpet Fashion Awards… well that is simply put. The whole idea is that “Boutiques uses computer vision and machine learning technology to visually analyze your taste and match it to items you would like.”

So basically you put in what you like and what you hate in terms of colors, styles and looks and it learns from these entries…  you can follow celebrities or bloggers whose style you like and that gives more info to the site … so in the end it knows your taste and style and offers pieces and products that you might like. Smart. Cool. And it works! Magical! Way to go Google (yet again)!

Personally it was yet another reminder for me of how much I love black and simple silhouettes.  Kind of scary. SO probably this would be the new way to shop, by mind reading.

So here is my little boutique