Dior Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Accessories


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Absolutely love that gloves are taking essential part in the collection for Fall/Winter 2013. It is one of the accessories that is completely underrated, but is so fantastic, posh and elegant that we should pay a bit more attention to is.

Saying this, I was just drooling  over a pair of black mesh gloves in my mom’s closet this weekend. For all of us who cannot afford Dior Haute Couture, there are always mothers’ closets and fab vintage stores to indulge our fashion fantasies. 


Страхотно е, че ръкавиците вземат централна роля в тази колекция за Есен/Зима 2013. Ръкавиците са един от тези аксесоари, които са много елегантни, шик и добавят класа на всеки аутфит, но за жалост напоследък не са много популярни. Тази колекция определено ги налага като тенденция. 

Пишейки това, се сещам, че точно този уикенд се възнасях по едни прекрасни черни мрежести ръкавици, от баба ми, които намерих в гардероба на мама. За всички нас, които нямаме възможност за Dior Haute Couture, винаги имаме гардеробите на майките ни или фантастичните винтидж магазини, за да задоволяваме и най-претенциозните си модни искания. 



Conan O’Brien’s Show Zero

So Coco got us a little sneak peek of the funny crazyness that is coming up early next week on TBS. It is pretty funny for a 240 second clip. Featuring Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory a.k.a. Jim Parsons, a piccolo player, 20 fans for audience and a band I have never heard of the 4 minute clip gives us a little taste of what to expect and it is as funny as could be.

Excitement is upon us for the next 6 days. I do hope Coco does not disappoint the gazillion fans he has out there tweeting and facebooking about him, although many of them did not know he actually has a TBS show lined up. After the huge social media buzz around him early this year let’s see what happens…

Marc Jacobs S/S20011

Marc is a genius as always! Love the color choices, the fabric choices and the floral motifs… Gorgeous!