On Trend: Happy Socks

I was inspired a week ago by one of my coleagues who always had matching socks to the outit. And here we are not talking dark gray or navy socks, we are talking fun, colorful, wonderful, happy socks. Actually there is even a brand –

Here is what I am talking about, as I searched on the internet and there are several very cool examples of gorge guys with happy socks.

match socks 1matching socks

Even for girls it looks very cools with heels. After all I am fan of being different and that trend is definitely different and cool.

socks dries-van-noten socks-and-sandals

So here are some of the best happy socks. I am having a little crush on the candy-colored ones, but have to think of different ways to pull them off.

happy socks 1  happy socks 2 happy socks 3    happy socks 4 happy easter 6 happy socks 5


Socks and Heels? Hot or not?

Was looking at some of Tommy Tom’s photos for from Paris Fashion Week, and a trend that I picked up was definitely socks and heels. It has been in Europe since this spring, but the US is a bit lagging behind I think. What do you think? Hot or not?