Shabby Chic Flowers

Can’t help my love for the Shabby Chic style. Absolutely adore the boho-ness, the provence feel and the exquisite detailing in it. Flowers are a great accessory for very home, so I would like to share some spring inspiration.

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Абсолютно обожавам  Shabby Chic стила с неговите бохемски и провансалски елементи и невероятните детайли в него.  Цветята са абсолютно незаменим аксесоар за всеки дом, така че бих искала да споделя малко пролетно и цветно вдъхновение.


Self time for beauty

Spring is coming and it is time to wake up from the winter hibernation and revive our delicious selves. It is time to feel pretty and fresh, and take some good nutritious care of our selves. With this in mind I decided to share some of the beauty products I am using all the time, and will surely help me get in spring mode.

Lush Handy Gurugu is something I have blogged about before.  This hand cream is rich and wonderous. I should share my addiciton, because I really use it all the time, not only on my hands, but also on my elbows and arms.

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush in Slice of Heaven. It is another staple in my purse. Have been using it for years, and it is still as delicious and shiny. This amazing lipgloss tastes like spring and summer to me.

Maybelline One by One Volume express Mascara replaced my Diorshow very well. The mascara gives amazing volume and length and doesn’t flake or smudge. Can’t even describe how many times I have been asked if my lashes are fake.

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre. I am a great fan of loose powder. It gives me just a light matte effect without looking like a porcelain doll. It is very light and comfortable and you don’t leave marks on your white shirts with it.

Avon Solutions Cellu Defy – it smells great and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. I am very very hopeful. 🙂 Pomegran

OrganiX pomegranate green tea Hair Whip. It is so natural and smells delicious. Very easy to use and gives my curls great shape and bounce, without making my hair heavy or brittle.

D&G 3 L’Imperatrice – even the name is made for me 🙂 The fragrance is so pure and fruity, and multilayered. It develops throughout the day to something very clean and sensual. Smells like spring!


Пролетта идва и е време да се събудим от зимния сън и да се съживим. Време е да се почувстваме красиви и свежи и да се погрижим за себе си. Казвайки това, реших да напиша един пост, с който споделям някои чудесни продукти, които използвам непрекъснато и със сигурност ще ми помогнат да се вкарам в пролетен вид. 🙂

Lush Handy Gurugu – кремът за ръце на Lush е нещо, за което съм писала и преди. Със сигурност споделям отново моето увлечение, защото го използвам всеки ден, не само на ръцете, но и на лактите си. Разкошен е!

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush in Slice of Heaven. Този продукт е нещо, което ми е в чантата непрестанно от години насам, вече загубих бройката на тубичките,които съм изхабила. Има вкус на пролет и лято и е перфектен за по-топло време защото не се разтича.

Maybelline One by One Volume express – спиралата, която измести Diorshow в сърцето ми. Не се рони и размазва, и придава страхотен обем и дължина. Няма да ви казвам, колко пъти съм питана дали миглите ми са изкуствени.

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre. Обожавам непресована пудра! Тя е толкова лека и лесна за употреба, а и придава на лицето съвем матов и лек ефект, без да приличам на порцеланова кукла или да оставям следи по белите си ризи.

Avon Solutions Cellu Defy – използвам го вече няколко седмици и съм обнадеждена. Мирише страхотно и има много добър подхранващ ефект.

OrganiX pomegranate green tea Hair Whip. Страхотен продукт за коса, много натурален и мирише страхотно. Придава на къдриците ми форма и лекота, без да прави косата ми твърда и на клечки.

D&G 3 L’Imperatrice – дори името е създадено за мен 🙂 Този парфюм е толкова лек и нежен, ароматът му се развива на много нива, като се променя през деня, до миризма която е изключително чиста и чувствена. Просто мирише на пролет.

Това е първият ми двуезичен пост. Йей за Български език!!

For the Love of Spring: Anthropologie March Catalogue

Can’t help but share some wonderful imagery from the March catalogue of Anthropologie. I think my love with the brand is proverbial, and my infatuation with the accessories and homeware is bordering with silly obsession. The March catalogue is bringing the spring, not only in the vibrant palette, but also in the etherial fabrics and the lovely prints.


Absolutely love the chunky vibrant necklaces mixed with a print or a pastel shade. 

Adore the home furnishings and decor accessories!    All images from anthropologie.eu

OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 2: Chunky Heels

After the wedges  the other day, there is one more trend with shoes for spring that makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. The chunky heel. Although sky-high, these beauties are comfy and give you that hard-core chick vibe that I so love. Can be dressed up or down, but most of all, make your legs go forever. Absolutely love the 60’s trend in chunky heels, and cannot wait for the H&M opening to get my hands on some of their new collection pieces!





 Alexander Wang

 Michael Kors

OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 1: Wedges

Spring is coming, and I am daydreaming for the time I will throw the warm winter boots away and will be able to liberate my ankles and put to use all my other wonderful shoes, sandals, flats, and all the rest that make my feet happy.

So in a hopeful browse on the web for spring trends I am so very excited that this spring there will be new heights. Throw the painful stilettos away, and dive in the world of comfy, yet gorgeous shoes. The Wedges! I am not a huge high heel wearer ( I just lust over them and buy them, but rarely put them on, because my feet and heels don’t get along too well), but I die for a good wedge! They are way more comfortable, less painful and in my opinion cooler than stilettos. Here are some of the faves, I am salivating over…







Yves Saint Laurent

McQueen Campaign 2012

Remember the crazy sea-creature like collection of Alexander McQueen for Spring/Summer 2012?

 So now there is no surprise that the campaign that is promoting this colection is just out of this world. The images are so holy, yet serene, that I feel like framing them and lighting a candle underneath. They are carrying the extraordinary spirit of Lee McQueen and keeping the same wonderfully bizarre silhouettes and textures, completely translated in the campaign shots.


Beauty from Tumblr: Magnolia Blossom

One of the best parts of living in the South in the US was the spring with the most amazing blossoming magnolia trees. Let me reminisce for just a second with this post 🙂

All images are from tumblr

Necessities, Staples and Other Closet Essentials: The Jersey Dress

Another staple that I am a firm believer in is the jersey dress. Especially for the transitional seasons.  It can be cotton jersey or silk jersey, depending on how sophisticated you want to be, but the jersey gives a sense of comfort and cozyness that no other fabric can provide. The other thing with jersey is that it looks good on almost everyone, it is heavy material and flows very well , that of course can result in wonderful draped or structured dresses.

As it is spring already a jersey dress is the perfect item for both day and night. Just style it with simple jewelry and flats for work and running errands, and then put on some chunky jewelry or belts and other accessories to turn it in a club outfit.  Absolutely love the simplicity in the dresses bellow. As I tend to be a lover of the colour black, my choices are very similar to the Little Black Dress choices, but these are much more comfier and less structured versions.  For summer, get rid of the sleeves and look for something with straps or strapless. Jersey will keep you cool, in both ways 🙂

Aspirational Amazingness

Donna Karan

Emilio Pucci


Marvelous Choices for Mortals

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania

Michael Kors

T by Alexander Wang 

Beauty from Tumblr: It’s Spring Time

I can write pages about how much joy the peeps who I follow on my tumblr bring me.  All I can do is share some of the gorgeous photos. Spring has sprung, and it is mote beautiful than ever! There is nothing better than some greenery, flowers and sun, after a long gray cold winter!

The Dress of the Season

Remember when I wrote about the Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2011 Show long, long time ago… well I still think it is genius, and there is one dress that is haunting me and I really really really think it is amazing. Dunno whether it is the color-pattern combo, the accentuated waist or the florals, or the complexity of the silhouette, but it is absolutely gorgeous! Just thought I will share the love, and perhaps some other fanatics will support my insanity 🙂