Edge of Glory

The new Gaga video is pretty simple, compared to the outrageousness of Judas and the cinematographic qualities of the videos from the previous album. The song is pretty catchy, reminds me a lot of old pop songs, especially the sax part.

The styling is something everyone talked about – leather and gold from the last collection of the legendary Gianni Versace. It is very Pretty Woman meet Catwoman, but I guess it works for Gaga, as always… this lady can pull basically anything off.


Styling Shenanigans: Pink Spring

The Outfit:

Styling Shenanigans


Off-the-shoulder wool-jersey dress

The Easy Biker nappa-leather jacket

Printed cashmere-blend scarf

Elisa 100 patent-leather pumps

Swarovski crystal brass feather necklace

Oversized labradorite ring

Paloma leather messenger bag


So I am thinking I am going to start doing little styling experiments… see where it goes. Used Net-a-Porter for this one.





Only girl in the world… A girl again?

Rihanna’s new video  The Only Girl (In the World) debuted a couple of weeks back, but it is getting better and better the more I watch it..

And of course, I am so happy Rihanna looks like a girl again, and dropped the crazy super edgy short hair look at last! (Yay for long curly hair, is all I’m sayin’) I like the new image she is spotting, even her website is revamped and all pinkyfied and girly. Her new hair colour is amazing! I Love the bright red hue, although the blogosphere is not very happy about… oh well, to each their own.

I think the styling in the video is great, it is very girly, yet edgy and glamorous. The whole video is in very saturated colours, which makes it surreal and as if it is in a parallel universe, quite like “Te Amo” just in another more pink colour scheme. I assume RiRi is out of her dark place, and in with the feminine. Good for her!

Academy Awards Red Carpet Glamour or Not

Night of the Oscars. Excitement and anticipation.  5 hours filled with pretty people dressed in pretty clothes. And of course the movies…

However as a little fashionista-wannabe, my whole being is ecstatic and filled with joy any time I am watching a red carpet event. Especially the Oscars! So here is my humble opinion of the glam and glitz fabulousity that was going on last night.

Sandra Bullock a.k.a. Best Actress in a leading role was simply stunning. In a goldeny-champagne Marchesa velvet gown, she was elegant and polished. Jay Manuel commented that she looks like an ice-skater, but what does he know… (just kidding) The hairstyle was exquisite, I have never seen shinier hair than hers, and jewelry was just enough. Great styling. Very Oscar appropriate, as she very well matched hers on stage.

The other equally stunning presence was Vera Farmiga, also in a Marchesa gown. The rich burgundy colour was superb for her skin tone. I loved the ruffles, and the subtle shine of the dress material. Again hair and jewelry was perfectly measured and executed in order to create a finish wow-look.

Way to go Marchesa!

I don’t think Cameron Diaz was as fantastic looking as a whole as the two ladies above, but I just wanted to give props to the amazing Oscar de la Renta dress. So gorgeous, the detailing is wonderful, and it was one of the few strapless dresses (along with Rachel MdAdams’ Elie Saab gown, that did not look awkwardly disproportionate or fitting)

Anna Kendrick and Rachel McAdams looked amazing. Both gowns were Elie Saab, and evoked images of serenity and poise. Anna’s dress was gorgeous, but a bit too pale for her skintone. The hair was a little too age-inappropriate, but the dress is so pretty that we will forgo this little detail in the overall styling.

Rachel McAdams was like an incarnation of a Monet painting. Loved the dress. Eternal and classic. The earrings were also a great detail, perfectly matched with the gorgeous gown.

Now here are my big names, big dresses, not so big likes.

I adore SJP. I love her style. I love her choices. But this Chanel Couture was just a major mishap. The line of fabric choking her, and the big jewel coated floating in front of her chest detail, that turned into a bunch on fabric, was just too much. And then when she was presenting, her hair was craaaazey! I wish Tom Ford sleeked it back a bit, so she was not looking like Einstein with a big bun. Sorry SJP, I still heart you big time, and can’t wait for Sex and the City this summer, but this is not your best look ever.

Other two big names- Charlize Theron and Dior, were kind of misfortunate too. I did not get the boob-cups that turned into a train. Way too confusing and distracting. And the lipstick. Gosh the lipstick. If you wear a lavender gown, please don’t go burgundy on the lips. She is still gorgeous though, if you just crop the dress out, and look at her shoulders- up.

Another lavender disaster. Zoe Saldana in a Givenchy sparkly puff. So many people love it, but it is definitely too much, too many shades of purple, and too much texture. I will quote Tim Gun and say that “the editing eye” was missing in this dress… don’t overwork it.

The two Armani Privé dresses down were quite similar and bubble-wrap-like. J.Lo’s dress, claimed by many as the best look of the night was again just too much. The whole puff on her left hip was completely excessive and unneeded. Amanda Setfried desribed her dress as cellophane when she was talking to Ryan Seacrest, and although a bit better than J.Lo’s it was still a disaster.

PS: I feel bad for Amanda’s publicist, because she was a little PR disaster. No presence, no poise, no extreme verbal abilities.

And finally…. Mariah in Valentino. I wonder who is her stylist, because she is in need of some serious help.

I might have come off as a little bitchy, but really a big designer house name does not necessarily mean an amazing dress, and people often get them confused. Indeed it is all a matter of taste level and preference, but we should not be blind. 🙂