Happy Thanksgiving!

Денят на благодарността е! Време да погледем назад и да си дадем сметка за всички чудеса, които са ни се случии през изминалата година. Аз имам много неща, за които мога да бъда благодарна!


Thanksgiving time! It is time to look back and contemplate on the wonders that the past year has brought us. I have so many things that make me thankful!

Най-напред моето прекрасно семейство! === First of all my amazing family!

Лобов === Love ❤

Страхотни и верни приятели, които на най-страхотните олигофрени, които познавам :)=== Wonderful true friends that are the greatest retards I know:)

Най-прекрасното лято! === The most wonderful summer!

Много модни и блогърски моменти === Many fashion blogger moments.

Първото ми интервю === My first Interview! 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving Babes!

Although I am not in the US right now, and will not stuff my face with turkey and pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving is to be honored. So without being extra-cheesy, I am so very Thankful for my family and friends, I am thankful for passion and beauty and I am thankful for strength.

It has been one heck of a rollercoaster year in terms of emotions, from sky-highs to hell-lows, and looking back I am so very thankful for all the people who have been next to me, to keep me sane, calm and alive.  It is true that when times are rough you understand who is truly a friend, and I am so grateful, because in the darkest of times I realized I have so many people who are true and love me, no matter what, always and forever. So the lesson learned- when you think you have nothing left, when your plans burn into flames of disappointment and there is no sign from God or the Force to tell what the next step is, you should always remember for all the people who are there for you, who love you and are ready to swim oceans for you- friends and family members. And that is the biggest treasure and the most precious thing in life. Things will always get better with good people next to you.

So I give thanks for all of you my lovelies and I love you from the bottom of my heart!