Make Life More Colorful with Uniqlo!

Fabulous ad for Uniqlo! Clearly gives the message that people from all ages, backgrounds and styles can make their live more colorful and stylish with the brands apparel, especially the UNIQLO’s Color Ankle Length Skinnys. The fun bits are the celeb spottings namely Tavi and Cindy Lauper. But yeah I do want a pair or two of those jeans, if only they delivered to Bulgaria…

A fashion forward good deed…

… or how to spend $20 and help.

I just read on Fashion Foie Gras that Uniqlo and Conde Nast, along with Save Japan! are launching a line of unisex t-shirts, and couldn’t help but repost it.

The tees are designed by ten famous celebrities, including uncle Karl, Lady Gaga and Alber Elbaz, and spot a positive message of support for Japan. The t-shirts will be on sale as of June 25th and hopefully will become a must-have piece for everyone. The cause is great, and I can’t even think of another way that is better to show support!