Seriously, H&M?

I have been excited since June for the Versace H&M collaboration, and it is finally here! showed images of the collection and to be honest I was left breathless at how horrendous and kitschy everything is! In June Donatella was talking about classic Versace moments and being sexy, but honestly there are one too many studs, blings, palm trees and horrific animal prints in neon colors! If this collection was shown on Project Runway, I am sure the judges will say the designer has a “questionable level of taste”. And I am questioning Donatella’s taste as well as H&M for this fiasco of a collection.

So let’s see what I am talking about- bright orange, neon pink leopard print, with embellishments and print of a tropical sunset surrounded by classical elements in bright yellow. It is a WTF! Who will wear this dress? And just the description of it makes me laugh out loud.

I can’t even describe the next pieces in words. For me the only word is kitschy.

But it is not all horrendous, there are a couple of pieces that are actually cute, or as Donatella says – very sexy. They are both black with studs, with a decent level of taste but nit really shining with any innovation in the design area-

So there you go, there is always a silver lining in black.

To be honest can’t wait to see how many people will queue in anxious anticipation for this disaster of a collection and buy a piece. Perhaps there will be a lot of neon palm prints left over in the stockrooms of H&M or not really, just because it is a designer label at a decent price. I am very interested to see what other people think of it.


Surprise, Surprise! Versace for H&M

After Lanvin last year, and many others, including Uncle Karl, before that, H&M has chosen the next designer collaboration they will present.

The verdict – no other than Versace.

Donatella says that they will use iconic Versace pieces of iconic Versace moments. The collection is promised to look glamorous, so we shall wait and see… Everything that is Versace is quite loud and kitschy, at least for my taste, so we shall see what the collaboration of the two brands will turn out to be. One is sure… it will be affordable and there will be lines in front of the stores.

So I just wanna share that Donatella cracks me up.  It was leather… with studs… “Very sexy”… lol.


Edge of Glory

The new Gaga video is pretty simple, compared to the outrageousness of Judas and the cinematographic qualities of the videos from the previous album. The song is pretty catchy, reminds me a lot of old pop songs, especially the sax part.

The styling is something everyone talked about – leather and gold from the last collection of the legendary Gianni Versace. It is very Pretty Woman meet Catwoman, but I guess it works for Gaga, as always… this lady can pull basically anything off.