victoria’s secret

What is real beauty…

Току що видях това на 9gag. Нямаше как да не споделя 🙂

Just saw this on 9gag and I just couldn’t help but share it here.


Merry Christmas from Victoria’s Secret

OMG, it is a year old video, but I have never seen it, so I am sharing, because I am in a bit of a WTF-mode. Obviously brains are not in demand when you become a Victoria’s Secret angel.


Оле, това е видео от преди година, но сега го виждам за пръв път. Споделям, защото въм леко изумена, как не ти трябва много мозък, за да си ангел на Victoria’s Secret.

Things for Summer

Here are some favourites, for the summer that is approaching with the speed of light.

Absolutely love the Nathalie bathing Suit from Anthropologie! It is so classy and retro, very much a glam bombshell outfit, that covers a lot, but leaves enough for the imagination.

To keep the wonderfulness of retro-chic I can’t do without a scarf. This silk chiffon piece is more than cool!

The wedge Reef Sophie Flip Flops  are classic, comfortable and absolutely a must-have!

Sunglasses are a staple. The bigger the better! And what is better than Gucci Oversized Sunglasses? 

Of course, summer unthinkable without some good smelling skin-care – Philosophy Hope in a Jar SPF 25, is just that 🙂

And what is summer without lipgloss? Slice of Heaven has been in my purse for as long as I have had a purse, it is divine!

How can you let adventurous summer to go unrecorded? I love the little journals that Antrhopologie sells, but the Q&A a day is definitely a quirky way to chronicle your life during the hot months.