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YouTube Videos That Cheer Me Up

So here are some of the videos that are classic and I have seen hundreds of times, and get played every time I have to show something a funny video, or feel down and need to be cheered up, but there is no one around. Hope you like them, and don’t think my sense of humor is too violent or dark. I’d honestly like to know which are the funny YouTube videos people watch that are classic to them… mine are not the most watched, they are something I have found and have made such an impression that I keep watching it though the years…

I love Marcel, he makes me happy because he is so emo and has his own channel on YouTube.  Oh so full of quotes! Genius!


Classic! Makes me smile every single time, how something so small can scare something so big… and then the reaction of surprise by the mommy. Love! And it is a panda! So naturally… double love!


This has been on my top 3 for like 7 years or something. I have probably watched it more than a thousand times, and the funny thing is… he misses every single time!


No comment! LOL!!! Poor thing…


This is like the kid who misses the pool… poor thing hits the wall every single time! I think it is me who have seen it 200 000 times. 🙂