MY FIVE: YouTubers

Earlier this year I started “My Five” – a theme in which I am sharing five of my favourite things, be it music (as in the first post), places to eat, recipes, trends… anything that I am into right now. So now it is time to share with you my five favourite YouTube beauty and fashion gurus, that I follow, like and learn from. It is so funny because on YouTube, vloggers are so exposed and real, as if you know them, and with these five ladies I feel like I can sit down, have a drink and talk about life.


  • Kathleenlights
    • She is amazing. I feel like we can be best friends, as she is so nice, honest and a bit of a dork. I do like her make up tutorials, because she experiments with colors in a way I never would. Her product recommendations are spot on and I have bought and use a bunch of products because of her.
  • lillypebbles
    • Lily is very cool, I love her style in the monochrome tones, stripy shirts, minimalist jewellery and chic outfits. Also I do like her vlogs, as she goes to super nice places to eat around London town, which is a very nice as tourist recommendations.
  • ViviannaDoesMakeup
    •  She is so nice, and charming, and proves that simple make up can be so beautiful. I do like her recipes, and have recreated her chocolate cookies over and over again, and they are delicious every time.
  • Kandee Johnson
    • Kandee Johnson is a professional make up artist and she is one of the most positive and genuinely good people. I love how real and unpretentious she is. Absolutely amazing person to follow if you want to learn makeup tips and tricks, makeup transformations and pro advise.
  • Ingrid Nielsen
    • Ingrid is fab! I have been following her for a while and definitely like her aesthetics. Her make up advice is spot on and I really like her style in terms of clothes and interior – it is very eclectic, colorful and cheerful.

Who are your fave YouTube stars? I am very keen on checking out new channels, so it would amazing to discover who you like as well?

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Big Beauty Haul Video

Брат ми се върна от Щатите и ми донесе подаръци! Тъй като е прекрасен, се беше съгласил да получава IPSY кутиите 4 месеца подред, плюс една кутия на Boxycharm. Във видеата споделям и продуктуте от KIKO, които си купих, когато бяхме в Австрия и се отбихме в магазин на марката.

Това е първото ми видео, което се престрашавам да споделя, но въпреки себе си го поствам защото вярвам, че така е по-истинско и реално. Подготвям още видеа скоро! Какво мислите? Споделете мнения, препоръки и градивна критика (no hate!). Благодаря!

5 въпроса с Petpanda: Emil Conrad

Напоследък много се зашумя за него. Дори в Капитал имаше статия на която той беше фокус. Книгата му пожъна небивал и неочакван успех –  опашка от тийнове пред книжарница! А той е мил, добър и много чаровен. И тук ще кажа, че много се радвам на успехите на хора като Емил Конрад. Tой се занимава професионално с влогърство, вършее из всички социални мрежи като про и успява да задържи вниманието на една много трудна група – българските тийнейджъри, като че без особени проблеми и усилия, с много хумор и постоянство.

Имам щастието да се познаваме лично и много се радвам, че се съгласи да отговори на петте ми въпроса, за да е част от февруарското издание на 5 въпроса с  Petpanda.


Kак започна да правиш това, което правиш?

Започнах да снимам видеа на 16 години. От скука. Обичах да се занимавам с обработката на видеата и така започна всичко.

Kакво те вдъхновява?

Всичко, което ме заобикаля. Всички хора, които срещам.

Kакво искаш?

Искам да пътувам. Много.

Kакво е успех за теб?

Успехът – това, което те кара да се чувстваш истински щастлив.

Kакво е най-страхотното нещо което ти се е случвало?

Срещнал съм прекрасни хора, с които мога да споделям хубавите неща, които ми се случват.

А ето и едно видео, в което Емил е във вихъра си, в няколко героя…

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YouTube Makes Me Weep!

I am not sure if I am the only one crazy person, who cries at YouTube videos. You know full on tears coming down my face type of cry. I am falling for how wonderful real life is, and thankful for the people who share their happiest moments on social media, in order to touch other people’s hearts, and in my case bring the full-on-tears part.

I just saw these two videos, and they truly touched me. I have no idea who Isaac and Amy are, where they live, what they do, but what they have shared is so much love, so much positive energy, so many great fun people and such an amazing charging story that there is no way for it not to be shared.

This video as well, a follow up of the proposal video, is charged with so much love, showing that love is all we need, and a simple yes can change a lifetime. What mostly touched me are the two grandmothers, with the photos of their late husbands. I tear up thinking about how wonderful is to grow old with someone and share a lifetime together, not even talking about having 10! kids.

This is a very emotional post, not very typical for the blog,  but in the age we live in, the lives we live are in need of more strong emotions, more positive feelings and even a bit of love, that can turn everything on the bright side.  I am a firm believer that what you bring in results in what you give out, the more positive, loving and good a person is, the more positive, loving and good people she meets. I wish the world was full of more people like Isaac and Amy. Wishing them all the happiness in the world!

❤ Pet

Oh Christmas Tree, Lanvin Style!

Christmas is just around the corner, and after I have decorated my little tree a couple of weeks ago, I just got to share one more Christmas tree! Pretty fantastic I must say!

 The traditional decoration of the Claridge’s Hotel was done by no other that Alber Elbaz from Lanvin. It is adorable. Really. Adorable.

YouTube Videos That Cheer Me Up

So here are some of the videos that are classic and I have seen hundreds of times, and get played every time I have to show something a funny video, or feel down and need to be cheered up, but there is no one around. Hope you like them, and don’t think my sense of humor is too violent or dark. I’d honestly like to know which are the funny YouTube videos people watch that are classic to them… mine are not the most watched, they are something I have found and have made such an impression that I keep watching it though the years…

I love Marcel, he makes me happy because he is so emo and has his own channel on YouTube.  Oh so full of quotes! Genius!


Classic! Makes me smile every single time, how something so small can scare something so big… and then the reaction of surprise by the mommy. Love! And it is a panda! So naturally… double love!


This has been on my top 3 for like 7 years or something. I have probably watched it more than a thousand times, and the funny thing is… he misses every single time!


No comment! LOL!!! Poor thing…


This is like the kid who misses the pool… poor thing hits the wall every single time! I think it is me who have seen it 200 000 times. 🙂





Gagaversity Class


How do you know you are amazingly awesome and successful?! When there is a class about you taught in university.

So yep, Lady gaga is awesome indeed. (or she has very devoted fans who happen to be scholars)

Why you ask? Because Professor Mathieu Deflem in University of South Carolina is going to teach a class on her next semester. The class is going to be called Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame, and I wish I could take it. The main goal is to explore what makes a person famous and what being famous means in today’s culture, and I am curious what the professor has to say.

Fame is a complex issue, especially in a world where a person can be “famous” because they bitch in video format om YouTube about last night’s TV shows or blog about someone’s latest fashion endeavor. So for Gaga, who has a billion hits on YouTube, sells out concert tickets for full venues in the matter of minutes, and has been one of the most talked about personalities in the world for the past couple of years… yep fame is definitely something to say she has.

I just hope the professor keeps the class fun and interesting, because it will be unfortunate if it turns out to be a gag.

I went to see the Monster Ball and this shot is basically my favourite part of the whole show- Gaga laying on the piano hitting a note with her heel and her band improvising on it. Genius!


The Bed Intruder Song on the BET Awards

I shared my fascination with Schmohoyo geniuses and the Bed Intruder song in a previous post. And you can imagine how surprised I was, and for long when I could not close my mouth when I was that Antoine Dodson and Schmohoyo performed during the BET Hip Hop Awards last night. See the performance bellow:

It is simply amazing how social media works in creation of fame and fortune, and how from being a funny guy on YouTube a person can transform to a worldwide sensation.

A bit of politics is always good for the soul

A friend sent me this video today… so I am sharing it.

It is definitely worth watching, and sharing… and then even more worth – spending a bit of time thinking about what is important in life and what we as people should stand for. Please think, and then DO VOTE!

Usually I am completely against negative advertising, and bashing competitors… but in this case it works, well. Think people, think!!! And yes the video is a bit dated, but everything that they say is more than valid!

Double Rainbow All the Way Across the Sky

Few days ago my friends showed me the Double Rainbow video. It is one of those YouTube jewels that you can quote, and share, and post and re-post and still find funny. After all it has 16,740,534 views so far.

What does this mean!?

So when I saw it my first thought was- as so many people have a shared reference point with this video, why not use it commercially. Make an ad, do something cool with it… well I was not too far away from the truth. Microsoft used it as a theme for their Window Live Photo Gallery ad, featuring Yosemitebear himself.

Don’t want to be mean but the ad is kind of a blah… It is definitely not as epic as the original video… well I guess it is kind of a start. What do you think? How can all these viral videos that we all have seen and know and quote can be used in a way that is beyond YouTube and free sharing without losing the wow-factor ?