PLUS STYLE: Boho in Paradise


Yes! There is a white chick in the photo above, and no, it is not me – it is a real chicken! With this photo shoot I would like to share about a place that we found this past weekend at the sea. It is a little piece of heaven on earth, and yes I can say so, for real, because it is the yard of a church.

The church yard in Chernomoretz is practically the garden of Eden – with hundreds of different plant, chickens running around and blooming flowers everywhere. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have been around the Bulgarian coast. Definitely a must see.

And while there, do take your time to go in, light a candle and exchange a few words with the priest, he is one interesting guy, who has created all this.


Да на снимката горе има кокошка, и не говоря за себе си, a за истинско пиле 🙂 През изминалия уикенд на морето намерихме малко райско място- двора на църквата в Черноморец! Някак си неочаквано, познавайки нашето Черноморие.

Дворът на църквата е изпълнен с най-различни видове растителност, кафези с кокошки и пиленца и много, много цъфнали цветя. Определено е едно от най-красивите места на морето, което съм виждала.

И ако минавате от там, отделете време да запалите свещ в църквата и да си поговорите с попа- един много интересен и забавен човек, който е сътворил цялата тази красота.



Knit sweater: Zara; Dress: Pull&Bear; Bag: Mango; Lipstick: Rimmel by Kate 110


Пуловер:  Zara; Рокля:Pull&Bear; Чанта: Mango; Червило: Rimmel by Kate 110

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Summer Pants

Трябва да споделя тенденция на която съм мега фен още от миналото лято. Шарени, широки, леки панталони… някои ги наричат joggers, други harem pants, трети шалвари, за мен са просто панталони, без които лятото няма как да мине. Най-забавното е, че в момента всички магазини предлагат такъв тип панталони в най-различни шарки, материи и цветове. А миналото лято, когато се запалих по тях се намираха много трудно. По-долу са някои, които много ми допадат. Монохромни са, но това ги прави още по мой стил 🙂


I must share another summer trend that is very close to my heart – light, colorful, loose pants. Some call them joggers, some call them harem pants, for me they are just the type of pants that the summer cannot go without. The funniest part of it all is that when last summer I was looking to buy a couple of pairs, they were very hard to find, but right now all the stores in Sofia are flooded with this type of pants in different patterns, colors or fabrics. Here are some that are pretty great and afordable, all are monochrome which makes them even more likeable.

summer pants

1. Dorothy Perkins Grey smudge jersey joggers



4. H&M Harem Pants (I own these in two colors and they are the most comfy pants ever!)

Summer Essentials

 Absolutely love the H&M for water swimsuit. The cut, the retro print, it is just wonderful!


Обожавам банския от колекцията H&M for water. Принта е страхотен и ретро дизайна е просто чудесен!

 This bag is magical! I own it, carry it all the time, and honestly cannot make myself switch! So summery and practical!


Тази чанта е разкошна! Притежавам я, нося я всеки ден и често почти нищо не може да ме накара да я сменя с друга! Толкова е лятна и практична!

 Officially the most comfy heels ever! This aetrex shoes are probably my best summer investment!


Официално най-удобните обувки на токчета! Тези aetrex обувки са моята най-добра инвестиция за лятото!

 The more flowy, the better. if it is asymmetrical, even prettier! Defo a must buy for the summer, this Zara skirt will find a great place in my closet!


Колкото по-лека, толкова по-добре, а ако е и асиметрична, тогава полата е абсолютно прекрасна! Определено тази пола от Зара ще е в гардероба ми това лято.

 What is better for a hot summer, than a white flowy shirt to put on top of a bikini or dress up for a night on the beach.


Какво е по-добро за едно горещо лято от бяла феерична риза, може да се носи над бански  през деня или да се направи малко по-фенси за вечер на плажа.

OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 2: Chunky Heels

After the wedges  the other day, there is one more trend with shoes for spring that makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. The chunky heel. Although sky-high, these beauties are comfy and give you that hard-core chick vibe that I so love. Can be dressed up or down, but most of all, make your legs go forever. Absolutely love the 60’s trend in chunky heels, and cannot wait for the H&M opening to get my hands on some of their new collection pieces!





 Alexander Wang

 Michael Kors

OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 1: Wedges

Spring is coming, and I am daydreaming for the time I will throw the warm winter boots away and will be able to liberate my ankles and put to use all my other wonderful shoes, sandals, flats, and all the rest that make my feet happy.

So in a hopeful browse on the web for spring trends I am so very excited that this spring there will be new heights. Throw the painful stilettos away, and dive in the world of comfy, yet gorgeous shoes. The Wedges! I am not a huge high heel wearer ( I just lust over them and buy them, but rarely put them on, because my feet and heels don’t get along too well), but I die for a good wedge! They are way more comfortable, less painful and in my opinion cooler than stilettos. Here are some of the faves, I am salivating over…







Yves Saint Laurent