Merry Christmas from Victoria’s Secret

OMG, it is a year old video, but I have never seen it, so I am sharing, because I am in a bit of a WTF-mode. Obviously brains are not in demand when you become a Victoria’s Secret angel.


Оле, това е видео от преди година, но сега го виждам за пръв път. Споделям, защото въм леко изумена, как не ти трябва много мозък, за да си ангел на Victoria’s Secret.

The Song in My Head Today… and for the past few weeks

I rarely post songs, but this one has been an earworm forever, so I just had to share it in the blog… for my records 🙂

Plus the fashion in the video is so trashy and wonderful that I just wish I could wear a denim short skirt ensemble with tigh-high socks and sneakers. Too bad Sofia is not the place for trash fash and Jeremy Scott Spring 2012 would not be appreciated in the right way.  🙂

New Rihanna…. and Avril?

Rihanna’s new vid is out. It’s Cheers (Drink to That), the third track from her last album Loud .

The video is cool! I am a big fan of music videos from real life settings travel, concerts, fan meet-ups… It just seems so real and makes the “stars” from the glossy videos a bit more reachable and human. And of course in this video we can see all the different hairstyles the blogosphere has been writing about, as well as the high-waisted hot pants. Hot or not?

However on a first listen, there was something that bothered me in the song. The “Yeah Yeah” part after each verse was very familiar, and I realized with the help of google that it is Avril Lavigne’s song  ‘”I’m with You”.  Check out Avriln’s video after 2:21. So my most normal question is – is it ripped off or is it a collaboration? I’m pretty sure Avril is in Rihanna’s video, above, but hell… if you put a key phrase from someone else’s song, quote them in the title! It’s not that hard!


Hollywood Tonight

I dunno whether it is the song, the beat, the video or the combo, but I absolutely LOVE this song! Been listening to it all day and decided to share it.

Yes, MJ seems to be making music from the afterlife, but it is still great music! A little bit of background is on Wikipedia, for the curious ones 🙂 It is MJ, but in the same time it’s not 🙂

And Sophia Boutella (the girl in the video) is simply amazing! She is the Nike lady (who I really thought was a cartoon, stupid me… )

So enjoy and listen to it a couple of times, it is uber catchy!

Gwyneth on Glee: Sneak Peak

A new full song is out from next week’s episode of Glee, and it is not the so advertised Umbrella…It is Cee Lo’s Forget you (or F#ck you as it is better known).

Love the song… not too crazy about this particular performance however. What do you think about the vocal abilities of GP? Love it or hate it?


I love her outfit! Quite classy.

The Bed Intruder Song on the BET Awards

I shared my fascination with Schmohoyo geniuses and the Bed Intruder song in a previous post. And you can imagine how surprised I was, and for long when I could not close my mouth when I was that Antoine Dodson and Schmohoyo performed during the BET Hip Hop Awards last night. See the performance bellow:

It is simply amazing how social media works in creation of fame and fortune, and how from being a funny guy on YouTube a person can transform to a worldwide sensation.

Love! Florence + The Machine- Dog Day Are Over

This has been in my head for a week now! Love the song! Brings amazing energy!

News Songs, Song News, Funny Stuff

Warning: Be aware that after listening to the songs bellow they will be stuck in your head for days!

So recently I was introduced to the schmoyoho channel on YouTube. All their videos are hilarious, extra viral and made by very very talented people! Check my fave videos out…