Isabel Marant is the new designer collaboration for H&M Fall 2013

The debut date of the collaboration is 14. November 2013, and the collection will be in 250 selected stores around the world. More info to come, but for now enjoy the fabulous French designer with the video bellow


New Rihanna…. and Avril?

Rihanna’s new vid is out. It’s Cheers (Drink to That), the third track from her last album Loud .

The video is cool! I am a big fan of music videos from real life settings travel, concerts, fan meet-ups… It just seems so real and makes the “stars” from the glossy videos a bit more reachable and human. And of course in this video we can see all the different hairstyles the blogosphere has been writing about, as well as the high-waisted hot pants. Hot or not?

However on a first listen, there was something that bothered me in the song. The “Yeah Yeah” part after each verse was very familiar, and I realized with the help of google that it is Avril Lavigne’s song  ‘”I’m with You”.  Check out Avriln’s video after 2:21. So my most normal question is – is it ripped off or is it a collaboration? I’m pretty sure Avril is in Rihanna’s video, above, but hell… if you put a key phrase from someone else’s song, quote them in the title! It’s not that hard!


Tumblr on the Rise: Welcome in the Web-land of Beauty

What is the new cool thing you will ask? Tumblr, I shall respond.

With tons of reviews and opinions buzzing in the blogosphere, sites like Business of fashion, Techcrunch and Refinery29 all published their little pieces on Tublr. So yeah, it is buzzing, so it has a factor of coolness to it, and the reason is simple. It is like an inspiration board that meets a gallery in terms of volume, meets a photographer studio in terms of soul.

I opened a Tumblr account not too long ago… to be honest I was quite skeptic about it. There was simply no point for me to have an account there, as I already had my blog, and twitter, and facebook, and linked in, and reddit, and dig, and… and… you get it. Why is there one more social networking something of some sort for me to spend time on, and pay attention to, when I already hardly unplug?

HOWEVER, I’m in absolute love with Tumblr, and to be honest after Facebook, it is the second most used app on my phone. Yes, it even beats Twitter! Why? Because it brings me beauty! It is the little place online haven of pretty where I find gorgeous images that are simply fed to me when I open my dashboard. Yes I spent a bit of time curating the people to follow, but one cannot get it wrong if you choose anything in Art, Photography, Fashion, Architecture… so now every time I open my Tumblr I am flooded with images of beauty, serenity, amazing places, great fashion… photographs that take me away. The level of aesthetics in the posts is amazing, although they range from funny, to cute, to silly to simply gorgeous.

As a very simple microblogging platform Tumblr allows only simple images, quotes, and videos. Rarely there is a post that is more than a hundred words, so I am not paying a lot of attention, to be honest, but simply skipping through the images. I love how informal the platform is, it is very relaxed, and free. One image is reblogged hundreds of times, so the most popular (read stunning) ones will eventually reach your Dashboard. So for me Tumblr is like a feed of the Best of Flikr and Google Images, brought to your doorstep. Of course not for everyone, but for those who have interests in all things pretty (like moi) I would definitely say, give it a browse!


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Lanvin ♥ H&M

It is almost here!! Lanvin’s Collection for H&M is almost in stores. But before the coveted November 23rd is here we can salivate while looking at the gorgeous photos H&M uploaded on their Facebook page. Make sure you take a look for yourself! Also one of my fave bloggers DisneyRollerGirl posted pictures from the UK preview so make sure you check them out too. 🙂

The only thing I am really hoping is that these clothes are as exquisite and high quality on the hangers in stores as they look on the pictures on Facebook! Here are my faves:

Architectural designs, saturated colors, belted looks… what is there not to love?!

J’adore this tee!!! It is so badass!

Love it or hate it the fur vest is here to stay this winter. I just hope they don’t come alive at night to haunt us for our fashion decisions…

Which is your favourite!?

Conan O’Brien’s Show Zero

So Coco got us a little sneak peek of the funny crazyness that is coming up early next week on TBS. It is pretty funny for a 240 second clip. Featuring Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory a.k.a. Jim Parsons, a piccolo player, 20 fans for audience and a band I have never heard of the 4 minute clip gives us a little taste of what to expect and it is as funny as could be.

Excitement is upon us for the next 6 days. I do hope Coco does not disappoint the gazillion fans he has out there tweeting and facebooking about him, although many of them did not know he actually has a TBS show lined up. After the huge social media buzz around him early this year let’s see what happens…

Katy Perry’s Fireworks

Katy Perry’s new video is great. It was shot in Budapest  and has kids from several European countries participating in it.  The song has a great and positive message and is dedicated to the It Gets Better campaign. Katy explained that the inspiration for the song came from a quote by Jack Kerouac (below) that her new hubby Russel Brand told her. Cute!

It Gets Better!

Lanvin for H&M: Coming Soon!

Gorgeous ensembles were featured in the first ad for Lanvin’s collection for H&M.

And I do agree with Emily from Fashion Foie Gras that the gray haired lady looks like Uncle Karl’s sister… 🙂

So the countdown has begun! 12 days and the collection will hit stores… so get your patience on and mentally prepare for long lines!

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My amazingly favourite fashion brand Anthropologie is opening its first Accessories Store! And it is nowhere else but in the DC area – Chevy Chase, Md. The coveted date is October 29th!

It was announced officially  yesterday on WWD by Wendy Wurtzburger who said:  “It will be the equivalent of going down the rabbit hole and finding a magical world with more of what she loves”!… and I definitely am ready to jump into it in two weeks.

The store is going to carry shoes, jewelry, scarves, belts and many other little gorgeous things that bring happiness to one’s existence.  So let’s cross fingers that it is going to be as amazingly Anthro as it sounds, and keep tight for a week and a half until it opens. Can’t wait!!!


Hurray for the New Twitter!

Twitter has evolved!! At last!!  It has pictures, and videos, and maps, and it is all on the same page, and you don’t have to go back and forth, and you can search so much easier, (phew!) yeah I am excited!

I am still discovering all the little new developments, as I just got updated like yesterday, but so far so good!

But dear Twitter peeps, one little thing- can you add a date! You can still say 1 hour ago, but please do add a date somewhere on the tweets… just a little suggestion.

Oh yeah… and they have a pretty sweet ad to promote their developments.