PLUS STYLE: A stroll around sofia

112Some Sundays the weather is fantastic, your hair looks great and your best friend has just gotten back from vacation, and all you need is a bit color, a pair of sunnies and a nice place to sit, chill and drink cocktails.  I am loving the August Sundays in Sofia, when it is quieter than normal, and you can feel comfortable walking around the city and enjoying it for what it is.


Някои недели времето е разкошно, косата ти изглежда прекрасно и най-добрият ти приятел току що се е върнал от ваканция, и всичко от което имаш нужда е малко цвят, слънчеви очила и приятно място да седнете да пиете по коктейл, или два… Обожавам Августовските недели в София, когато всичко е, някак си, по-спокойно и можеш да се разхождаш из града… и да му се наслаждаваш.





3 111


Dress: H&M+

Shoes: H&M

Sunnies: Michael Kors Redonda

Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Scarf: Anthropologie (old)

Ring: H&M

Black Bracelets: Stradivarius

Red Bracelet: DL Jewellery 

Necklace: vintage from my mother

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PLUS STYLE: Boho in Paradise


Yes! There is a white chick in the photo above, and no, it is not me – it is a real chicken! With this photo shoot I would like to share about a place that we found this past weekend at the sea. It is a little piece of heaven on earth, and yes I can say so, for real, because it is the yard of a church.

The church yard in Chernomoretz is practically the garden of Eden – with hundreds of different plant, chickens running around and blooming flowers everywhere. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have been around the Bulgarian coast. Definitely a must see.

And while there, do take your time to go in, light a candle and exchange a few words with the priest, he is one interesting guy, who has created all this.


Да на снимката горе има кокошка, и не говоря за себе си, a за истинско пиле 🙂 През изминалия уикенд на морето намерихме малко райско място- двора на църквата в Черноморец! Някак си неочаквано, познавайки нашето Черноморие.

Дворът на църквата е изпълнен с най-различни видове растителност, кафези с кокошки и пиленца и много, много цъфнали цветя. Определено е едно от най-красивите места на морето, което съм виждала.

И ако минавате от там, отделете време да запалите свещ в църквата и да си поговорите с попа- един много интересен и забавен човек, който е сътворил цялата тази красота.



Knit sweater: Zara; Dress: Pull&Bear; Bag: Mango; Lipstick: Rimmel by Kate 110


Пуловер:  Zara; Рокля:Pull&Bear; Чанта: Mango; Червило: Rimmel by Kate 110

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Plus Style: Magenta and Sunshine

I have decided to start a new section on the blog dedicated to style. As a plus-size girl I have struggled all my life to find clothes that fit, styles that look good and confidence to show off the ones I have found. Lately I am getting to terms that style and beauty do not have size, and feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. So I will try to show you my style, and what looks good on my frame. My fashion choices are eclectic, mixture between boho and business, trying to be grown up.

My first style post is focused on my favourite summer dress that I got from Mango. I love it for the hot summer days, as it is very light and airy. As the color is vibrant enough, I like styling it with simple accessories – silver hoop earrings, white shoes, and my Bogdanin Brothers purse. To brake the all one color vibe, I choose a little polka-dotted scarf to tie around my wrist. The pictures were taken on a very very sunny day, so of course sunglasses were mandatory – these are my Alexander Wang X H&M shades.


Решила съм да направя нова рубрика в блога, която е посветена на стил и мода. И.. изненада, в която се показвам аз. Като plus-size жена, цял живот се боря с това, какво изглежда добре, какво ми става и имам ли достатъчно самочувствие да се покажа в това, което съм намерила. Напоследък все повече и повече осъзнавам, че красотата няма размер и това да имаш стил не изисква предпоставка да си размер 0. За това, реших да споделям своя стил – сравнително семпъл, еклектична смесица между бохо и бизнес, опитващ се да е подходящ за пораснало момиче.

И така първият ми пост е цветен и слънчев. Реших да си покажа новата розова рокля Mango,  която обожавам за горещите летни дни, защото е лека и ефирна. Тъй като тя самата е достатъчно искряща и цикламена, я комбинирам със семпли аксесоари – обеци халки, бели обувки и чанта на Bogdanin Brothers. За да разнообразя малко цветoвете използвам малко шалче на точки вързано на китката ми. Слънцето бе жарко, за това няма как да пропуснем и слънчевите очила –  Alexander Wang X H&M shades.
IMG_9297_Fotor IMG_9299_FotorIMG_9351_Fotor  IMG_9309_Fotor IMG_9363_Fotor IMG_9380_Fotor IMG_9389_Fotor IMG_9397_Fotor



Dress: Mango,

Shoes: H&M, similar here

Earrings: Argento Vivo

Bag: Bogdanin Brothers

Sunglasses: Alexander Wang X H&M shades.

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Sincere thanks and hugs to my best friend Pesho for the pictures and the patience! ❤

Style Awards: Top 3 Oscar Gowns


Last night at the Oscars, I am like all the girls and was so super excited about the red carpet, and the gowns, and the jewellery and make up and all the pretties! Here is a short and sweet post about my top 3 most stylish and gorgeous dresses from last night, in no particular order.

Cate Blanchett in Martin Margiela Couture

Cate Blanchett in Martin Margiela Couture

Love the simple gown with the turquoise statement necklace, it is so sophisticated in it’s simplicity. Also the hair in a voluminous and messy updo creates an effortless and chic styling.

o Marion Cotillard in Dior Haute Couture

Marion Cotillard in Dior Haute Couture

This look is so different and unique. Absolutely love the black detail at the back and the extra volume that creates a structural amazingness!

 Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.21.00 PM

Rosamund Pike in Givenchy

Red lace, what more is there to love. And the red strappy sandals are just perfect.

And the biggest flop from the series “You wore my dress”, the same gown was spotted on Jennifer Lopez and Robert Duvall’s Wife Luciana Pedraza. It’s a beautiful Elie Saab nude pink creation, good that J.Lo wore it with a belt, to make it her own.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.27.17 PM

Which were your favourites?

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Style Inspiration: Karlie Kloss


Karlie Kloss is one of my favourite people in the fashion world. I like how nice, down to earth and great role model she is. And her style is impeccable. Very simple, stylish and classic. Here are some photos of her street style that are great for weekend style and shopping inspiration.

karlie kloss 1 karlie kloss 2 karlie kloss 3



photo (2)

===Love yourself!===

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Amazingness!

I am so very excited about this collection. Although there is a lot of buzz about all the high-end designed collaborations with humanly affordable retailers for all being a flop, I am all for it. It is high fashion and quality for affordable price, making labels and the cover of the magazines more than dreams and reasons to salivate.  The 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collaboration looks great. It is chic and cool, playful and edgy and at the same time feminine and stylish.

The designer describes it the best: “One of the reasons I wanted to collaborate with Target is because I felt that together we could create a collection that would inspire – one that is cool and chic, but still very accessible”

All we have to wait is for the date 15 September. I have already talked with a couple of people who will be in line for me in the US on that day. Can’t miss it! 🙂

3.1-Phillip-Lim-for-Target-sketches phillip lim x target 1 phillip lim x target 2 phillip lim x target 3 phillip lim x target 4 phillip lim x target 5 phillip lim, x target 6

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Beauty from Tumblr: Style Focus on Shabby Chic


Source Tumblr tag Shabby Chic

Lacy Chic

Lacy Chic

Cozy Traveler

Cozy Traveler

Perfect balance

Perfect balance