Day: May 31, 2011

Beauty from Tumblr: Gotta Love Interior Design


Home is where the heart is. And… the heart is joyous when the home is beautiful. So… interior design is so very important. I am following a bunch of interior design-related tumblrs, and lately they have had wonderful pictures. Very inspiring, for a person who is still choosing a bedframe and sleeps only on a mattress (me, that is) But of course there is so much to aspire to, right?

Styling Shenanigans: Fly Like a Butterfly

Share a Choo

I absolutely love the Jimmy Choo campaign about sharing our Choo stories. Choo-fans can share their love on the website in the Choo Connection section and the pictures are posted in the brand’s fan page on Facebook, for all the fans to read. Some of them are sobby, some of them are funny, some of them are plain emotional.

The idea is wonderful because it makes Choos so close to every woman’s heart. Shoes are something important, something we choose and covet and keep, so sharing all the emotions that we go through when choosing shoes for the great moments in our lives is simply wonderful.  Sharing these emotions with the brand and all the other fans in social media channels for all to read and connect – simply genius.

Choo fairytale – this is one of my favourite stories. Sex and the city, love, shoes and happiness.



 True Love Shoes




Choo love